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5 Rolex Watches That You Can Get Under Ten Grand This 2021!

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One of the top-tier luxury watch brands of all time is no other than Rolex. It has been the most preferred luxury watch owned by celebrities and people of big names in different industries–may it be business, showbiz, corporates, and so much more! You might be wondering why it has been the top choice. Well, the reason is, Rolex had already proven their reliability by producing high-quality and exceptional timepieces of sophisticated designs. They also have a wide variety of choices that you can choose from depending on your desires. It is a Swiss brand that for over a century, continued to fascinate its buyers with its exceptionality–making them a top-notch and forefront of the industry.

Due to its prestige, some people mistakenly thought that these Rolex Watches cost more than ten thousand dollars. But the truth is, you can buy a Rolex Watch in less than that! You just have to stumble upon the nearest luxury watch stores in your area and grab their affordable timepieces. There are a lot of choices for you! If you cannot visit any shops as of the moment just to canvas prices, do not worry because we will list down the Rolex watches that cost less than ten thousand dollars! Just continue reading to get to know more about these affordable Rolex watch models!

1. Rolex Datejust, Ref. 126300

For the first stop, let us introduce to you the number one choice for women’s luxury watches. Rolex Datejust offers sophisticated designs that every woman will surely love–though, they also have men’s watches. Aside from its legacy of being top-notch, its accuracy and precision embody the brand’s philosophy of producing high-end watches. Surprisingly, you can buy a Rolex Watch for exactly ten thousand dollars and that is the Rolex Datejust with a reference number of 126300. This model is made up of a 41mm Stainless Steel case with a calibre 3235. You can also be assured that this is a durable timepiece as it has a 100m water resistance. Thus, the money that you will invest in this timepiece will be surely worth it.

2. Rolex Submariner Blue Dial Two-Tone Men’s Watch, Ref.16613

The next Rolex Watch model that we will introduce to you will surely be a man’s favorite. It belongs to a prestige brand of Rolex which is a submariner. Some of the watch under this line typically costs more than twenty thousand dollars–but this one is different as you can purchase it for only $8,569.00! This is no other than Rolex Submariner Blue Dial Two-Tone Men’s Watch with a reference number of 16613. If you are the type of person who constantly looks for the most versatile watches that you can use on any occasion and event, this will be the perfect fit! This multipurpose timepiece can fit any of your activities daily and aside from that, it looks extremely elegant! It can still function with its greatest functionality, accuracy, and precision even at the depth of about 1000 feet. This piece is a great find because aside from being multi-functional, it also offers jaw-dropping sophistication with its sapphire crystal glass and a waterproof crown. It is made up of stainless steel with an automatic movement.

3. Rolex Air-King, Ref. 116900

This next model is another great pick! Same as the previous one, it also cost less than ten thousand dollars. For this time, you can only buy a Rolex Air King for just USD 8,300! Yes, you read that right! It is a Rolex calibre 3131 that also has a 100m water resistance. This piece is made up of a 40mm stainless steel case. Air King is one of the best-known timepieces of Rolex as it has been the top choice of all the watch collectors in the industry. Its quality and reliability will surely satisfy each and everyone’s expectations in a luxury watch at such an affordable price!

4. New Model 2020 Oyster Perpetual 41mm Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch

If you are the type of person who is more into the sentimental values of an object, you might find this option great among others. It is because the Oyster Perpetual line of Rolex is one of their pioneer designs as they have been producing it since their company has started making watches. Despite that, it still has a versatile and classic style that watch collectors will surely value. This is a timeless piece that they would love to have as it resembles the past, the present, and of course, the future. It is made up of stainless steel with automatic movement. Guess the price? You can only get it for only $8,369.00! This is already a great buy since it is also a waterproof watch.

5. Oyster Perpetual 34 Blue Explorer

Last but not the least, let us introduce to you another model from the Oyster Perpetual collection. The Blue Explorer, from the name itself, has a dial of blue color with a stainless steel case. This is a durable watch that is worthy of investment! How much? It is only worth $5,599.00! Yes, you are definitely in the right place because this affordable Rolex model has the efficiency and affordability that you need! Its movement is mechanical but the best thing is, it is self-winding! Made up of oyster steel and will surely suit both men and women!

In a Nutshell

If given the chance to purchase a luxury watch, the best brand to look for is the Rolex Watch brand. They have a lot of models that you can choose from. Do not be afraid of facing such luxury watches that cost higher than ten thousand dollars because you can find a lot that is cheaper than that! We hope that through the list of these 5 Rolex timepieces, you already have an initial idea of what models to look for with your limited budget! Visit their online shops to get to know more Rolex watches that will not drain the money out of your pockets!

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