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4 Ways Bamboo Toilet Paper Benefits You & The Environment

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On our quest to discover and develop more nature-friendly products and habits, bamboo turns out to be one of the best alternative product frontrunners. Bamboo has been hailed for many great reasons.

Its great attributes paved the way for developing different things that we can use most sustainably for our everyday lives.  It’s forest-friendly, highly sustainable, and very affordable compared to other materials; one of them is toilet paper.

Bamboo toilet paper has been trendy these past few years. It has tons of advantages over other toilet paper types, such as hardwood virgin pulp tree and recycled paper.

To give you a broader idea of how bamboo toilet paper gives you benefits one way or another, continue reading this post.

1. More Durable

Bamboos are durable. Its natural properties make them more durable than paper made out of hardwood or wood pulp. Bamboo is also stronger than soft steel. Furthermore, paper made from bamboo has a cooler and softer touch to it. So, it is ideal for manufacturing it as toilet paper because it is not harsh for your skin; thus, it’s very convenient for bathroom usage.

2. Reduces Deforestation

Bamboo is highly sustainable and can be grown in different environments. Thus, it’s the best alternative for tree-based paper, the current top material for toilet papers. Trees in nature are very difficult to grow. It takes several years for trees to get harvested.

Bamboo, meanwhile, can grow 30 times faster than your average tree. With that in mind, bamboo toilet paper is far more sustainable than toilet paper made from hardwood. Also, if it’s used for mainstream toilet paper production, it will significantly reduce Deforestation.

Also, bamboo is not a tree but rather a type of grass easily grown right after harvesting. Also, bamboo forests produce 30 times more oxygen and are far more efficient in absorbing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

3. Very Safe to Use Than

Bamboo is far safer to use than recycled toilet paper. But that doesn’t mean that recycled toilet paper didn’t contribute to saving the environment. It just has its downsides to using them. Recycled toilet paper is made from de-inking agents and other chemical substances.

With that in mind, long-term use of this product can harm your skin and cause several skin irritations, especially for sensitive skin people. Whereas bamboo toilet paper is odorless, smooth, and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

4. Biodegradable

Bamboo toilet paper is completely biodegradable. It means that it will instantly decompose once it’s flushed down your toilet. Conventional toilet papers are known for clogging toilet systems because of the material it uses. Conventional toilet papers use virgin pulp paper that doesn’t easily break down even if it’s soaked in water.

Waste treatment plant operators often complain about the large deposits of toilet paper that make their work more difficult. Thus, it would be better to use bamboo toilet paper to prevent clogging on your toilet system; you’re also helping the people in your treatment plant.


Are you ready to try bamboo toilet paper? Perhaps this post already convinced you to change your preferences when it comes to toilet paper. Using bamboo toilet paper doesn’t just benefit yourself, but our environment as well.

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