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3 Things To Consider For Your Product Based Business

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If your business is product based there are a number of potential options to decrease the time it takes to get your product into your customers hands – or to get them to see your product in the first place. One of the realities you will face as a fast growing business is considering outsourcing parts of the process to professionals that specialise directly in the areas your company may fall short. As you are trying to grow your brand’s visibility, you may not have all of the tools in house to get over the hump when it comes to supply – meeting that demand is everything. In this article we will cover a few options for outsourcing that can really help supercharge your product roll out.

#1 Getting Your Company Ready for a New Product Rollout

In today’s world, marketing is approached in a completely different way than it was even ten years ago. If you think about it, ten years ago was a time when social media ads were the new kid on the block, Google+ was supposed to be the next big thing and a lot of businesses were changing their focus off of their websites and into the social media platforms. Fast forward and the trend is shifting back. Websites being findable in search engines is paramount. Who knows exactly why, but the online business landscape has changed. Maybe people just aren’t all that engaged when it comes to paid social media advertising or even Google Ads. Search engine optimization is key to having your website found in search results and over the last ten years the tools available have become increasingly complex – and most of the useful ones are no longer free. Outsourcing your SEO to a trusted professional has never been more necessary.

#2 Outsourcing Product Packaging

Having your product perfectly packaged by a professional company will really give you an edge in the market. In the event that your company’s product is seeing increasing demand, the last thing you want to happen is being behind on the delivery of that product. You want your marketing to work, but you don’t want to put the cart before the horse and miss the golden opportunity created by your own hard work. Also, having an existing relationship with a contract packaging company will allow you to grow in real time without having to invest in the machinery required to meet that demand. Your company may also run into a situation where products require repackaging down the line. This issue can arise when there are new regulations put in place , or even when your current packaging requires a redesign based on marketing analysis from your marketing team. Using a professional packaging service will ensure you don’t run into any difficulties regarding your product packaging.

#3 Being A Sponsor of Content Creators

Content creators, be it on Youtube, TikTok or any other platform are a driving force these days. So what does that mean? Many of your potential customers out there are constantly following their favorite creators. The base idea is rather than spending money on paid ads, you should consider finding a content creator in your niche. For example, If your company provides vitamins and supplements, there are plenty of fitness gurus out there providing content on multiple platforms. There are a number of sites where you can hire a content creator in your niche, but you can also reach out to them directly. Targeting creators that have 30,000 views on their videos or engagements on their posts will probably garner you better results than trying to get one that has a million views on the majority of their content. Some of them out there have paid for followers, but the ones in that range have most likely gained their audience through hard work and great content. Those dedicated followers can be your loyal customers.

In conclusion, you want your business to grow beyond your wildest dreams. What happens if you get exactly what you were asking for but your company just wasn’t ready? There are a ton of examples:

  • The product is perfect but you have no marketing traction.
  • You have marketing traction but your product is selling so much that you can’t keep up with fulfillment because you are packaging everything by hand.
  • You’re selling your product but your marketing cost is out of control with paid ads and your bottom line is suffering.

Your company can avoid many of these outcomes with a bit of foresight and a solid plan for its outsourcing.

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