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3 simple tools every Construction business must consider

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It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of the construction industry – because what it builds is at the heart of a country’s economic growth. Construction is, quite simply, the tangible and technological foundation upon which human development and our modern civilization sit.  While that may sound grand, however, the list of challenges for the individual businesses within the industry is long.  Keeping productivity and efficiency high is difficult; the cost of materials is great; regulations are ever-changing; delivery of projects is complex; there are labor shortages, and the need to hit sustainable targets is a major new priority.

So with all of that going on, any dollar invested in making construction just that little bit easier, faster, and more safe and efficient is an absolute must for any smart construction business.  Yes, those working in the world of construction typically have impressive toolboxes in their grasp – but there’s always something even the most prepared construction business may have overlooked like buying expensive excavators and missing the opportunity to buy excavators under $5k at Boom & Bucket.

Here are 3 simple tools that every construction business should definitely snap up today from any reputable suppliers e.g. RS Components:

1. Dedicated nail pullers

Think ‘construction’, and you’re immediately thinking about a hammer whacking a nail firmly into place.  When one of those nails needs to be efficiently yanked out, it’s a matter of flicking that hammer around and using the claw on the other side.  But did you know there are dedicated nail-pulling tools that are much better?  In fact, there are several:

  • Dedicated nail-puller in various sizes
  •  Pincer plier, suitable for grabbing even the heads of finished nails
  •  Cat’s paws, for very fast nail removal where damage is not an issue
  •  Puller plier: Standard pliers with an extra ‘roll bar’ for partially exposed heads
  •  Gooseneck: For removal of large nails requiring hefty leverage.
  •  Air punch: Like a pneumatic nail gun, in reverse.

2. Double-sided tapes

In the world of construction, the word ‘tape’ is a little like the word ‘sport’ – in that there are a lot of them, and they’re vastly different.  One tape category, however, stands apart from the rest, for a very simple reason: It’s adhesive on both sides.  The headline benefit is that a single action can instantly bond two surfaces together without reaching for the nails or glue, but the secret deeper advantage is in the flexibility – as the film thickness and the adhesive strength and quality differ greatly.  In construction, a real game-changer is the double-sided tapes made of acrylic, as the bonds are powerful and permanent. But there are double-sided tapes for just about every aspect of construction, and they all differ in terms of:

  •  Thickness and width
  • The bonding surface
  •  The construction environment
  •  The object weight
  •  The longevity of the bond
  •  Removability.

3. Writing implements

A pen is a pen and a pencil is a pencil, right?  Not quite: especially in the fast-paced world of construction.  Throughout a typical construction worker’s day, they’ll put down their expensive and bespoke construction tools and simply reach for a marker. Most generic writing or marketing implements, however, are designed for paper and ideal, stress-free conditions – not exactly the typical construction site.  Carpenters, for instance, swear by the carpenter’s pencil, which is shaped with flat edges so it doesn’t roll away, snap-resistant, hardy, and suitable even for wet surfaces.  Your business, however, may need markers for glass, metal, or cloth, a double-sided one for two different purposes, or something else entirely, such as:

  • A paint-marker for long, clean, permanent lines
  •  A soapstone marker for clear and removable marks
  •  A welder’s pen to leave cutting marks
  •  A deep-hole marker to reach where a normal marker will not
  •  Construction crayons & chalks
  • Mechanical/refillable pencils
  •  Marks with built-in key rings
  •  Pens with build-in lights.

For managers and workers in the construction industry, it’s crucial to keep up with the impressive rate of technological innovation – because there’s always something coming down the pike to make the work just that little bit easier, faster, more efficient, and more productive.

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