15 Fun Instagram Story Ideas

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Coming up with fun Instagram story ideas can be hard when you’re running low on creative juice. Luckily for you, we have come up with a few good story ideas that you can use on your Instagram page. Everyone wants to build up their social media presence, and using these creative Instagram story ideas will definitely get your audience engaged.

If you want to see what cool Instagram story ideas we have come up with, keep reading below!

1. Create a Poll Using Interactive Elements

If you’re looking for engaging Instagram story ideas, this one is a great one! Creating a poll on your Instagram story will get your users engaged with your content, and it’s so easy to do, that all you need is the poll sticker. Some Instagram story poll ideas could include questions to see what your audience likes or dislikes if they prefer one thing over another, or even what kind of content they would prefer seeing.

2. Sneak Peek, a New Post

A fun way to share a new feed post with your Instagram followers is by giving them a sneak peek at your Instagram story. It’s a great Instagram story idea if you want to create hype around your upcoming Instagram posts. Adding the music sticker with your favorite track will also make it stand out.

3. Ask Followers’ Opinions on a Topic

Asking your followers for their opinions can give you fun Instagram story ideas. This story idea is a great way to test your audience’s knowledge as well as gain some audience insights as to who your followers are and how they think.

4. Share Your Favorite Blog Post

Coming up with cool Instagram story ideas could include sharing your favorite blog posts. Whether you create content yourself or just want to share something that you saw on the internet. Sharing interesting or insightful blog posts creates a space for unique story ideas that maybe no one has done before.

5. Download Story Ideas from Other Big Creators

Sometimes you can get stuck coming up with creative ideas, or maybe you have seen some content ideas from other users posting stories that you want to try yourself. It’s a great way to generate content ideas and find story templates, and if you want to keep your stories anonymous with a viewer tool, there is a great Instagram tool from Views4You that allows you to do so.

6. Share a Trending Meme

Some fun Instagram story ideas that you can use is to repost user-generated content such as funny memes. It’s super easy to share memes to your Instagram stories, and your following is sure to get a good laugh out of it.

7. Share Your Favorite Recipe

Some really cute Instagram story ideas include sharing your favorite recipes. You can create your own Instagram stories showing how you make something, or share a landing page with your favorite cooking blog.

8. Create a Quiz

A cool Instagram story idea that you can use is creating a mini-test for your followers by using the quiz sticker or question sticker. It’s a great way of creating content that your followers can interact with across multiple Instagram stories.

9. Create Fun Story Highlights

Creating a story highlight on your page can be one way to make your account more visually appealing. You can do this by bunching different stories together, some examples of this could include a recent vacation you went on, or maybe a birthday highlight.

10. Use the Countdown Sticker to Tease New Content

If you’re looking for Instagram story birthday ideas, creating a countdown to your birthday could be a great way to create buzz around it. Not only that, you can use the countdown sticker for any other event you have coming up to get your followers excited.

11. Share Your Favorite Podcast Episode

Sharing any kind of video content like a podcast is a great way to generate some audience interaction. If you’re looking for Instagram story question ideas, why not ask your followers’ opinions on a podcast you like watching?

12. Invite Followers to Virtual Events

Trying to think of some interactive Instagram story ideas? Well, why not boost engagement and invite your followers to an upcoming event? It could be a live event that you plan to create, or you could jump on someone else’s live event.

13. Share Your Favorite Educational Videos

One of the best Instagram story ideas in this post is to share educational content with your followers. Some Instagram story examples of this could be using the link sticker to attach a course you might be doing, or creating shoppable stories where your followers can find something that you enjoy learning about.

14. Give Your Followers an Insight to Your Day-to-Day Life

A few ways you can give your followers some behind-the-scenes content is by showing them your day-to-day life. Behind the scenes of our day-to-day lives lets followers feel closer to us. Not only this, but multiple stories are a great way to keep followers engaged in your content. You can even have Instagram story takeovers where someone else can create stories and follow you around for a day to show your followers what your day looks like.

15. Share Your Favorite Life Hacks

Some fun Instagram story ideas you can use by sharing your favorite life hacks. Some Instagram story examples of this could be step-by-step instructions on how to do something, you could use Instagram stories to show even video testimonials on something useful that your followers could use. You could even post these hacks on your Instagram feed so they reach a wider audience.


Are There Any Apps That I Can Use to Show My Fun Instagram Story Ideas?

Yes, there are plenty of apps available that offer users Instagram story ideas and layouts, depending on the aesthetic you’re going for. A lot of creators use Canva for both their Instagram stories and other posts on social media. The free version of the app is great, but they also have a paid version where more content is available to you.

How Does the Location Sticker Impact My Instagram Story Reach?

The location sticker is a great feature to use when coming up with Instagram story ideas. The sticker will allow your story to be discoverable within that tagged area, meaning that people who don’t follow you will also have a chance to see it. It is a great way to increase your following.

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