Winter truck tires

Winter truck tires: Giti completes the 3pmsf range with the new 2019-2020 models

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Giti Tire extends the range of winter truck tires that carry the symbol with a snowflake and a mountain with three peaks (3PMSF), thus bringing the offer to a total number of 23 for the 2019/2020 winter season.

These new certifications have become necessary in compliance with the ever-increasing regulations in various European countries which provide for the use of 3PMSF tires for trucks and buses.

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To obtain the certification, the producers must comply with the European regulation ECE117-02 which requires that the tires have 25% better performance in acceleration tests on snow compared to the reference tires.

Based on independent tests and with certified and controlled guidelines, the 3PMSF symbol offers greater performance guarantees than the traditional M + S marking, which always indicates winter use, but has not received any type approval nor is it guaranteed by official tests.

Lennart Lindstrom, Technical Director of Giti Tire, said: “In recent years in many European countries the legislative bodies are focusing on the need to improve road safety and the fluidity of traffic, especially on snow-covered surfaces and in harsh conditions. There are too many accidents and traffic jams caused by trucks and unsuitable tires. Available in sizes 435 / 50R19.5 and 445 / 45R19.5, the development is aimed at new configurations with one and two axles, for use at the maximum possible load capacity while reducing fuel consumption and noise levels while increasing in addition the payload and improving vehicle maneuverability.

These tires are increasingly used also on traditional triple-axle semi-trailers with a capacity exceeding 9,000 kg per axle.

The smaller diameter allows the fleets of maxi trailers to maximize the internal load volume at more than three meters in height, while at the same time respecting the overall height of the four-meter vehicle permitted in Europe.

The GTL925 model has an extra wide shoulder to increase resistance to tears, a tread with seven creases for more regular wear and increase the mileage with an optimized rolling resistance, which achieves the B classification for good fuel economy.

Both sizes are marked M&S, indicating better road holding and braking properties in all weather conditions.

For example, Germany and Sweden have already added the 3PMSF symbol to the steering axle tires, in addition to the already existing tire on the drive axle. The other European countries are also aligning and we expect European legislation to become very soon.

To guarantee customers a range of 3PMSF-marked tires, Giti has long been committed to the development and enhancement of a product capable of meeting the recent regulations and the demands of an increasingly demanding market. Now they are able to offer a complete solution for every position and use, for trucks and buses, which is Truck and bus tyres. The increase in load capacity will prove to be a particularly appreciated development by this demanding market segment, where greater competitiveness of the yield per kilometer of distance is essential to have a control over the costs of the customers, ensuring an operating profit at the same time.

The Research & Development Center in Hannover, Germany, is working closely with the Hefei Center in China to obtain certification and will continue to develop the range also for the next 2020/2021 winter season.

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