YouTube cards and end screens

Why should I use YouTube cards and end screens in my video?

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YouTube is now one of the most popular video streaming and social media platforms. It is also the second-largest search engine.  As YouTube creators, you can keep experimenting with fantastic features to make engaging videos through youtube cards.

The power of video is undeniable, and it has become one of the most popular types of content around. People use videos for learning purposes; businesses promote their brand through this form of communication as well! The possibilities are endless when you can deliver your message in such an engaging way with high-quality production values like animation or live-action mixed into static still images (or vice versa).

We need to constantly think of more ways to keep the audience engaged through our videos. There is this feature in YouTube to increase the engagement and call to action for the content creators. YouTube End Screens are prompted for the viewers of your videos to take specified steps.

What are YouTube Cards?

Cards are a new way to engage with your fans, and they can appear on desktop or mobile. You set up these cards beforehand by choosing what message you want the viewers of that video to get. It could be about merchandising opportunities, fundraising campaigns for charitable organizations; Video messages promoting another single clip from any video posted in the last 30 days, which includes all sorts of other info about where we went while filming too, or the behind the screen videos! Cards will show up as little teasers at first but then expand into full-fledged popups once clicked.

You can strategically choose to include these cards in between or towards the end of your video. These cards can help prompt the viewers to subscribe to their channel, comment, share, or any other desired Call To Action.

For example, suppose you have created a video explaining a particular concept, and within the video, you are referring to one of your old videos. In that case, you can add a YouTube Card at that particular point in time and include the link to the video referred to.

YouTube Cards and calls to action will help you link your video, playlist or other online media with other sites. Cards You can also use them as prompts for people that want more information about purchasing items from the website or queries about the services that you’re offering. You can also include YouTube cards with the most recent uploads in your older videos.

What are End Screens?

End screens are a great way to give a wholesome experience to your viewers by keeping them hooked till the end. You can add end screens into any video towards the last 20 seconds, and they can be viewed from both desktop browsing and mobile!

You can feature links related to your video in the end screens. You can direct viewers to the next relevant video, any playlist, link to your website, or even the

These are some of the added features that you can include in your YouTube videos to enhance the engagement of your YouTube channel and build stronger connections with your viewers.

For example, some vloggers share the links to their older videos in the end screens of their popular videos to increase the reach of those videos. Similarly, some content creators include the links to the bloopers, raw footage of their final, polished video. The viewers usually love such videos.  In the case of a cooking video, you can include a simple “Subscribe” button to your channel or link to the particular products of the brand shown in your video.

Video creators can splash their creativity even in the end screens of their videos. The Standard sizing for the end screen of any YouTube video is 1280px by 720px, and standard HD aspect ratio is 1920px by 1080px. They can browse through multiple videos and take inspiration for creating unique, high-quality end screens. You can find some inbuilt templates for end screens on the YouTube platform itself or create yourself using online tools.

Make the most of YouTube Cards & End Screens.

Both YouTube Cards & End Screens are tools to grab more attention and increase the call to action. You can make use of these prompts to feature a lot of things. Find out some of the unique ways below:

  1. You can keep a poll at the end of the video
  2. You can ask for feedback or views on the video at the end screen
  3. You can give shoutouts or special mentions to collaborators
  4. You can include teasers of new videos in the YouTube Cards
  5. You can have a special message of an appeal for the viewers on the end screen

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create end screens & YouTube cards for your YouTube videos. Don’t forget that the end screen is only visible for the last 20 seconds of your video. However, cards can be used throughout your video. You can pre-empt the reactions of your viewers and accordingly include relevant YouTube cards in the video.

We know you want to make a video that your audience enjoys and is willing to watch from start to finish. YouTube Cards & End Screens can help you accomplish this by giving users the option of more information on what they’re watching without them needing to stop or exit out of the video player. Having these cards visible in videos will also improve engagement with your content, as it gives viewers an opportunity for another interaction before having their experience end.

These simple changes might not seem like much, but combined have been proven effective at increasing views and engagement rates on YouTube channels, so we recommend adding this tactic into your strategy today. Using these features, you also give them answers to the “What Next” question they would have in their minds after finishing with one video.

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