Why Must Firebase ML Kit Be Your Choice for App Development in London?

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Don’t you want your mobile apps to be smart enough to share the offers as per the requirement of the end-user?

Of course, you adore it!

To add that intelligence to the mobile apps you are getting designed for your business; you need to introduce it with ML. ML, aka Machine Learning, empowers the applications they learn from their experience, which implies data. The ML-enabled apps are like humans, when they are brought in contact with the new situation, they observe, collect the data, learn, and make oneself ready for upcoming cases. In short, you can call it, adding a brain to your mini computer devices.

Firebase ML Kit is the SDK version for mobile devices designed from Google. It’s compatible with Android as well as iOS. When you are planning to enrich your user experience with the advanced features you want to enable, you need not look for the expert ML developers and data analysts; you can count on Firebase ML kit to start building with the available use-cases.

Features of Firebase ML Kit

Exploring your ML kit, here is the list of features that can employ to serve the existing use-cases.

features from  https://firebase.google.com/docs/ml-kit/#what_features_are_available_on_device_or_in_the_cloud.

Potential benefits of Firebase ML Kit


Firebase ML kit is designed in a fashion that it is ready to launch as soon as you integrate its SDK with your mobile app. The prominent use-cases are taken into consideration to help you with the features like text recognition, face detection, landmark identification, barcode scanning, image labelling, identification of language, etc. The data for all of these features are already fed in the library of the ML kit.

On-device v/s Cloud-based

The majority of features listed above are available on-device as well as the cloud. The on-device features enable quick data processing and allow users to use the feature even when there is no internet connectivity. With Ml kit, the majority of on-device features are available for free. However, the cloud-based features take the benefit of the Google cloud platform to serve a higher level of accuracy. You can seek for blaze plan to add cloud-based features to your bucket. Since you can add the features as per your choice, you can customize the blaze plan as per your budget.

Serve the need for custom model

In case you come across the scenario when the existing use-cases aren’t serving well. Then too, you need not worry, Google has designed TensorFlow Lite. It allows you to customize ML, create your personalize use-cases and update it to your exisitng Firebase ML kit. Google has it for you to address the advanced functionalities to your mobile app.


Firebase ML Kit is an easy-to-launch ML technique that empowers you to take your first step with Google’s ML technologies. For mobile app development in London with advanced ML functionalities, you can share your ideas with us at sales@wedowebapps.com. Our creative minds will reach at the earliest to have a brain-storming session to integrate ML with your mobile app and refine the experience of your customers.

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