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Why Every Car Needs a Wireless Car Charger

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You’ve probably had a case where your phone went off due to a low battery. Imagine a scenario where this happens in the middle of nowhere, with a grounded car. However, a wireless car charger can save you from being stranded in such an occurrence.

Arguably, every car needs a wireless car charger. You’ll ask why it’s important, and we’ll show you. Here are some of its benefits:

A Wireless Car Charger is Convenient

When you’re the type that spends a huge chunk of their time in transit, then having a charger is mandatory. You don’t want to encounter an emergency, only to realize that your phone battery is dead.

A wireless car charger is very convenient to use when juicing up all your devices. For everyday commuters, having your phone in the red is a bad idea. No more having to go to Mercy in the finance department to borrow a charger, just to spend several minutes listening to her unending stories.

Less Wear and Tear

The absence of tangling wires makes a wireless car charger more durable. When you have a wired charger, chances are that you will pull it accidentally and cut off the cable. How many times have you suddenly pulled your phone from charging forgetting that it’s plugged in? A consistent series of pulling the cable unexpectedly is one day going to rip it off.

We may not intend to pull our cables, but it’s an act that happens regularly. With a wireless car charger, you’ll not have to worry about this any longer. Since you don’t use any cables on the charging port, picking up the phone with minimal attention won’t cause damage.

Besides, the fact remains that when the cable on a wired charger malfunction, you’ll probably have to replace the entire gadget.

Less Clutter

You already have a lot of stuff on your dashboard, and don’t need anymore. Too much clutter can lead to distraction while driving. Having wires running all around the dashboard and the gearshift is a recipe for disaster. You might accidentally pull one wire only and you end up shifting the gear to the wrong one.

Therefore, having a wireless car charger can help you reduce clutter, and have a cleaner dashboard. There’ll be no more wires running around, which ensures maximum concentration while driving.

A Wireless Car Charger Gives You a Seamless Experience

Having a wireless car charger helps you to live your life stress-free. You’ll not have to worry anymore about forgetting your charger at home. You’ll be confident that the charger is always inside the car at all times.

Imagine going about the day’s activities without having to worry about a battery low beep. This helps you to focus on the things that matter, and become more productive. What about that report you’re supposed to submit? And the lecture assignment you have to do? Wouldn’t it be great if you had your mind on those, rather than your phone battery?

Universal Compatibility

This is another great benefit of using a wireless car charger. The standard compatibility standard is the Qi charging certification. Look out for a charger that has this mark before committing to buying. With Qi charging, you can use the same charging pad with multiple devices without having to worry about compatibility. This is not possible for most, if not all, wired chargers.

Safer Connections

Since there’s no usage of wires anymore, there is a lesser chance of exposure to water or oxygen, which causes corrosion. In addition, you reduce any possible electrical faults that may arise due to water or drink spillage. This is especially true if you, your family, or friends have the habit of consuming drinks inside the vehicle.

Less Overheating

With a wireless car charger, you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to overheating. Once your phone is fully juiced up, the charger goes off automatically. This is a sharp contrast from their wired counterparts, which you must unplug once the phone is full.

Battery overheating can reduce battery life, and affect your phone’s functionality. Besides, it takes up too much energy for no reason. With a wireless car charger, get a safer charge at reduced energy consumption.

A Wireless Car Charger Makes Long Trips Bearable

Going on a long trip can be exhausting and time-taking. Your phone might be the best companion you’ll have throughout the entire journey. Thus, you need a full battery to keep you online.

Besides, anything can happen when in transit, and getting help will depend on your phone. If it’s off, then you might have to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Also, you would probably need to use your phone as a navigation tool at some point. A wireless car charger holds your phone in different modes, including landscape, so that you can use navigation apps effectively.

Final Thoughts

In summary, all the reasons above show the importance of a wireless car charger. Consider getting one if you haven’t yet done so.

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