Blinds Have Size Limits

Why Do Blinds Have Size Limits

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If you have large windows in your home, you’ve more than likely struggled to find a good set of blinds that will fit for them, as many blinds manufacturers have a maximum size they can make their blinds too.

For most people, this isn’t an issue as most normal windows can be easily covered with blinds, but if you have a big window (3m+ Wide) you probably struggled to find somewhere you can purchase blinds for your massive window.

While there are some companies that specialise in making wide blinds like DotcomBlinds, they can be hard to find with so many blinds retailers to search through, which can make your buying experience long and tenuous unless you find a retailer like DotcomBlinds.

So, why do blinds have size limits? And how can you find the right blinds for your wide windows?

Why Are Size Limits A Thing?

Simply put, size limits exist for blinds because blinds fabric can actually weigh a lot, especially on a wide or long blind, the amount of fabric needed will end up weighing quite a bit.

As well as that, a lot of blinds manufacturers use (especially cheaper ones) will use weak materials in their blinds, like using cardboard tubes on roller blinds, while this is good for keeping costs down, using a cardboard roller dramatically decreases the maximum size of the blind as they can’t hold much weight.

Blinds with cardboard rollers simply can’t handle the weight of the blinds once they get to a certain size, whereas more high quality blinds made with metal rollers and tubes can handle a lot more weight, so the maximum size of a blind is also indicative of it’s quality.

Another reason some companies have size limits is that the fabric for the blinds is usually bought in rolls and those rolls only go up to a certain size, which creates a limit for how wide and long the fabric can be cut to and going above that limit will result in the blind being made of two joined pieces of fabric rather than a single piece.

The final reason blinds retailers may set a limit for their blind sizes, is the blinds operation, most blinds are operated with a chain, which is easy to work most of the time, but as a blind gets heavier they become harder to operate, so size limits may be put in place if it becomes hard to operate the blind.

How Can You Find Blinds For Your Wide Windows?

A few years ago, this would be a hard and long task for you; having to call up various blinds retailers to see if they can make blinds to your specifications, but luckily thanks to the internet this task is easier than it’s ever been!

Google is your best friend for finding things like this, simply go onto Google and look for something along the lines of ‘Wide Blinds’, ‘Extra Long Blinds’ or ‘Blinds over 3 Meters’ to find retailers who can meet your needs.

Also it helps to narrow down your search, as some blinds are better suited for being made to large sizes than others. Roller Blinds and Vertical Blinds are the best custom fit blinds to look for to cover big windows as they have simple mechanisms and can be made with lightweight fabric.

Whereas Roman Blinds melbourne or Venetian Blinds aren’t as well suited to large sizes because of the materials used to make them and they have a more complex way of being operated!

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