Why custom ui is better than stock Android?

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Why custom ui is better than stock Android?

In the age of technology almost all people use the smartphone in their daily life. Among them more than 70% people are using Android Operating system in their smartphones. If we talk about Android smartphone then most of the people are using Custom UI in their smartphones because most of the mobile manufacturing company launched their Android Phones in Custom UI of Android and it is an open source software.

Nowadays, Android Mobile Manufacturing company are preferring custom ui of Android instead of Stock Android. If we talk about Custom UI then there are many mobile companies which are launching their Android phones in Custom Android rather than Stock Android. Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, RealMe, Asus etc. are using Custom Android or Custom UI in their smartphones. If we talk about Samsung then it uses One UI, Huawei uses EMUI, Xiaomi uses MIUI, Asus uses Zen UI.

Most of the mobile users are preferring to buy and use Custom Android instead of Stock Android because of various reasons behind it. So, here we area going to explain Why Custom UI is better than stock Android?

What is Custom UI?

Custom UI is custom software of Android. It is also called as Custom Android. Custom UI is a customized android operating system which is modified by Mobile company as their needs. Custom UI is not a pure Android, it is a modified Android OS. Basically, custom ui is made by mobile manufacturing company and edit, add, customize the different features, apps, icons, themes in that OS than use in their mobiles. It is made by taking the Stock or Original Android OS from Google and customized by mobile company.

Reasons for Why Custom UI is better than stock Android?

There are many reasons for why custom Android is better than stock Android. The reasons are classified.

  1. More Customization

The first reason for choosing the android mobiles having custom ui is to get more customization features as compared to stock android. In custom ui device you can get many customization features like change in thems, change in colors, change in app icon, add custom fonts and many more. You can also get this option in stock android device like Google Pixel Phone, Nexus etc. but not as much as like in custom android or custom ui.

  1. Additional app features

Smartphones running custom ui have a lots of additional app features like screen recorder, scanner, compass, second space, multi window, split screen and many others. It is hardly to get these features in stock android mobile as compared to custom ui android mobile. If you want to use the additional app features as mention above you have to download it from third-party or paly store in Stock Android smartphone.

  1. User Experience

The user of Custom android smartphone will get more user-friendly experience with smartphones. One can get a lot of extra features to use in their smartphone as default or system software. Custom UI users will get more user experience in their smartphones as compared to Stock Android users.

  1. Updates

Custom UI gets regular updates in its custom version like MIUI in Xiaomi Smartphones. Custom UI smartphone will get regular custom updates to make their phones up-to date. In custom ui update they get additional customizing features to make their smartphones more user friendly.

  1. Management

Custom UI android phones is the good example of management because it helps to manage the time, data and overcome the load of mobile. This is because in custom ui phones there is the less need to download additional and utility apps like customization apps, screen recorder etc. from third party company. So, why it saves time and data uses.

Smartphones running custom ui or custom android has a lot of specification and features to use. As compared to stock android, custom android has additional app features to use. Custom android has an inbuilt app features like QR Code scanner, screen recorder, themes packages etc. to use. It doesn’t mean that smartphone running stock android can’t get these features but as compared to custom android the listed features are less to see. In today’s date due to large market competition smartphone companies are in compulsion to launch the smartphones running custom skin to run in the market. Because the demand of customer is custom skin smartphones as compared to stock android. If we examine the market demand then majority of buyer ask wants to choose more features in best price or more features in less price. So, custom android is the best choice for the users wanting more customization in their phones.

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