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When Should You Choose a Wall Mounted Air Conditioner?

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When Should You Choose a Wall Mounted Air Conditioner?

Choosing the best air conditioning unit for your home could be one of the hardest decisions to make. An air conditioning unit is a permanent built-in appliance that requires through-the-wall installation. Also, you need to choose the right type of air conditioning that will not ruin the interior design of your home.

A wall-mounted air conditioner is the typical air conditioning unit used in households today. This type of unit saves a lot of space and is easy to install. Below are some of the reasons why you should opt for a wall-mounted air conditioning unit.

You have a small space

Having a small space, any additional furnishing anywhere between the floor up to the middle part of your wall becomes a nuisance. Moreover, it could negatively impact the design of your room. Wall-mounted units can take away these concerns. It can seamlessly blend with the interior design and does not occupy valuable space; this is why the wall-mounted air conditioning unit is best for small spaces.

Cleaning is the last thing you want to do

Wall-mounted units, while being placed upon the wall, are easier to clean compared to other units. Being easy to clean thoroughly is one of its features. These units come with a smooth surface that can be wiped clean quickly. The panels can be taken out easily if you want to clean the inside part.

You want to save the environment and your budget

Wall mounted split system air conditioners reduce the carbon footprint and energy consumption. Moreover, this type of unit is affordable and quite easy to install by a certified technician.

Also, split type air conditioners are usually designed for larger rooms as they can cool the room way faster compared to older unit types. Faster room cooling means less energy consumption and more savings on the electric bill.

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You don’t want to have a large hole on your wall

Unlike the old window type air conditioning unit, the split type wall-mounted unit does not require a rectangular hole on your wall. Also, no ductwork is needed in installing this type of unit. All it needs are small holes that can accommodate wirings and copper tubes that interconnect the indoor and the outdoor unit.

You need cleaner air

Another benefit that you can get from this type of unit is cleaner air. It reduces the number of allergens, dust, and bacteria in the air. It also purifies the air quality, making it the best choice for people with asthma or bad allergy.

Moreover, these units usually come with a self-cleaning function to keep its inner part dry, reducing the dust build-up and growth of mould, keeping the unit running efficiently.

You hate noise

You might have experienced using the older types of air conditioning units, such as window type, that is very noisy. A wall mounted air conditioner is quiet as its noisy part of the unit is installed outside your home. With this type of air conditioning unit, you can study, work, and sleep comfortably in a quiet room.

Wall-mounted air conditioning units have become popular to many households due to its design and benefits. Moreover, this unit comes with many features such as heating, energy efficiency, human sensor, and other modes that can help you save energy while enjoying the comfort of your room.

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