What is the Salary of a CCIE Network Engineer Will Get?

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What is the salary of a CCIE network engineer will get? CCIE refers to the expert-level certification exam in Cisco certification. It is an expert-level certification exam launched by Cisco in 1993. It is recognized globally as the most authoritative certification in the IT industry and the top certification in the global Internetworking field.

Obtaining CCIE certification not only proves that your technology has reached the level of experts, and has been recognized and affirmed by the industry, it is also a symbol of honor and a manifestation of self-worth. Therefore, obtaining CCIE certification has become the dream of every network technician. In order to allow customers to obtain expert-level technical support, Cisco has stipulated in its certification agency system that gold and silver certified agents must have a certain amount of CCIE, which directly stimulated the demand for CCIE[]. During 1999, the annual salary of CCIE in mainland China Up to 119400 US dollars. In system integration projects, many owners have proposed that contractors must have CCIE certified experts to be qualified to undertake the project. This shows the degree of recognition of CCIE experts in the industry.

Candidates spend a lot of time and energy to obtain the certificate. The fundamental purpose is to get a promotion in position and salary in the future, so the focus of everyone’s attention is still how much salary after passing the CCIE? Today, the editor will give you a brief introduction to CCIE’s salary level.

CCIE salary is affected by region. According to the data found on the Internet, we know that the average salary of employees with Cisco certification exceeds the industry average by about 20% to 30%. Fresh graduates right after graduation with a CCIE certificate, who can basically get an annual salary of 10450 US dollars to 14930 US dollars in first-tier cities. However, the gap between first-tier and second-tier cities will be relatively large.

CCIE salary varies by direction. In addition, CCIE has many different directions. After passing the CCIE, the specific salary has a lot to do with the direction you choose. For example, in a more basic direction such as routing and switching, although there is more demand, there will be more engineers, and the salary will be relatively less.

CCIE salary is related to the company and position. The level of salary is also related to the company you choose and the position you are engaged in. You know, after you get the CCIE, you will be faced with a wide range of choices, many positions, and there are many different positions to choose from. The vendor, Party B or Party A are all you can choose. Therefore, the CCIE salary range for different positions will also be relatively large, ranging from a few thousand a month to several hundred thousand a year.

For example, a manufacturer’s pre-sales engineer has an annual salary of about 14930 US dollars to 44770 US dollars and a manufacturer’s technical department manager has an annual salary of about 22390 US dollars to 74630 US dollars. To be a product manager, the annual salary may reach 44770 US dollars to 74630 US dollars. And for Party B, the pre-sales salary is about 14930 US dollars to 44770 US dollars, and the technical director can have about 37320 US dollars to 44770 US dollars; if it is Party A, the highest can get 14930 US dollars to 44770 US dollars every year.

Therefore, there are many factors that affect the salary level of CCIE, and they cannot be measured solely by certificates. Personal soft power is also very important. The soft power here mainly refers to the personal problem-solving ability, communication skills, emotional intelligence, etc., which will also affect personal promotion and salary increase to a certain extent.

In general, the salary of CCIE engineers is still considerable. But the focus is on personal ability and experience. The higher the ability and the more experience, the higher the salary will definitely be. As long as you look for the direction, find your own position, and constantly strive to improve your skills, the annual salary of hundreds of thousands is not a problem.

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