What is the best 4 seasons SUV tire?

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Before unveiling the best SUV 2019 4-season tire, it’s important to remember that Auto Bild is a benchmark tire comparison figure. Their tests are made on real tracks that meet the constraints of climatic hazards. For this part, there was talk of testing the performance of tires on snow, on the wet road and on dry ground. As for the important points, the Auto Bild Allrad team noted the braking distance, the rolling noise, the driving dynamics, the fuel consumption and the price.

Without further ado, the lucky winner of this test is the Vredestein Quatrac 5. This off-road tire carries M + S and 3PMSF markings. It has an asymmetrical tread design. But what makes him an excellent 4 seasons tire is the new technologies that have been integrated into his manufacturing process:

  • 3D Grip Claws technology allows the gum to demonstrate good traction on snow and ice, as well as better grip on curves.
  • Technology Full Silica Compound offers great wear resistance for even longer life.

During the test, the Vredestein Quatrac 5 did well in all stages. Its braking distance on the snowy and wet roads is short, it behaves surprisingly well in cornering as in a straight line, it has a low noise level; its grip on the dry surfaces is powerful. In short, he showed no weakness.

The comparison 4 seasons 4 × 4 tire and SUV

Although the Vredestein Quatrac 5 tire is the rubber that offers the best compromise to be used throughout the year, among the 4 seasons SUV tyres tested, some have surpassed it on other criteria.

The best tires on wet ground

The Falken Euro All Season AS210 claims good performance on wet ground. It significantly reduces the risk of aquaplaning, thanks to its V-directional profile. However, it revealed some weaknesses during the test. First, the pilot noticed a late response from management and a behavior rather understeer, which does not offer enough comfort when driving. In sum, the Falken received the mention “satisfactory”.

The Goodyear Vector 4Season SUV Gen-2 also demonstrates a clear wet performance, especially when it comes to braking. Added to this quality is its low rolling resistance and good traction. However, during the test his traction on the ice and on the snow is moderate while in the curves, he tends to slip on the dry surface. The Goodyear is judged “good”.


The best tire on dry ground

This title belongs to the Michelin CrossClimate SUV. In addition to its versatility and sporty look, the rubber has excellent maneuverability on dry tracks. And thanks to its technical characteristics, the French tire is powerful, whatever the weather conditions. It reassures on the wet ground and puts the driver in confidence when it snows. It is a tire considered exemplary. Only, he finds himself in second place during the test because of its rather expensive price.

The best tire on snow and ice

2 tires are up to the test requirements:

The Continental AllSeasonContact is an excellent tire with a winter trend. The manufacturer has relied on a resin mix with a high silica content to preserve the flexibility of the tire. He is not afraid of snowy roads or wet roads. In addition, it offers a pleasant and quiet ride and low rolling resistance. Judged “good”, however, it shows some weakness in driving on dry ground, cornering.

With its exceptional sculpture, the Nokian Weatherproof SUV is unbeatable on wet and snowy roads. It prevents aquaplaning and is silent on the road. Despite these performances, he has difficulty braking faster and finds it difficult to enter turns on dry pavement, hence his appreciation “satisfactory”.

Finally, the all-season tire that has not caught the attention of testers is the Gripmax Status Allclimate. If he is the cheapest in the band, he has many weaknesses. In addition to fewer grips on snow and wet ground, its braking distance is longer. His behavior on the dry is deplorable. It was therefore not recommended by Auto Bild Allrad magazine.


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