What Is a Percolator Bong – the Mystery Is Solved!

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A percolator bong is a perfect addition to your home smoke ritual. The perc bongs are available in various online stores. They have pipes, bowls, water, and any other accessories you may desire.

If you are new to bongs and wondering, “what is a percolator bong?” we provide you with the best information on the topic. Hence, you’ll understand the purpose of a percolator bong, how it works, the different types, and more.

What’s the Point of a Percolator Bong?

Percolators are a type of water filtration system designed to help cool the smoke and make it smoother. They’re also thought to filter out certain harmful chemicals in marijuana smoke.

A percolator bong has a ton of purposes over other types of bongs, including:

Better Filtration of Smoke

The multiple chambers in the percolator help to filter the smoke more effectively than a regular tube does, thus resulting in smoother hits and an enjoyable smoking experience overall.

Cooler Hits

The chambers help to cool down the hits by allowing smoke to pass through the water in each one of them before it reaches our mouth. Thus making for much cooler hits than we would get from a regular tube or bowl-style piece.

More Bubbles!

Another reason for using a percolator bong is that it creates bubbles in the water when we pull on it. The feature adds another element to our smoking experience.

Percolator Bong Vs. Regular Bong

All bongs have some water filtration system, but a percolator is more advanced. A regular bong does not have a filtering system, so they tend to burn hot and make the hit harsh. A percolator bong is an intricate system of chambers that cause the smoke to mix with water as it travels through the bong. This results in hits that are less harsh on our throat and lungs.

The smoke flows through several narrow passageways until it reaches the chamber’s base, where it merges with more water to undergo a second filtering process. This allows air to escape without causing suction, like straight tubes do when you pull too hard or fast on them.

Pros of Percolator Bongs

  • A significant amount of smoke is filtered because the percolators take up more room inside the bong
  • The increased water and smoke filtration results in a smoother hit for us
  • Because of how the perc functions, the water will not splash out as much

Cons of Percolator Bongs

  • Percolators are fragile and can easily break if not handled carefully
  • They are more expensive than other types of bongs
  • It can get clogged up quickly if not cleaned or used properly
  • They are usually heavier than different types of bongs because they have more components inside them

What Are the Different Types of Percolators?

There are different types of bong percolators available on the market today. Some may be familiar to us, while others might be new. Besides, each type has its unique function, but they all work by filtering out the severity of our smoke through a series of chambers.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular types of percolators:

  • Tree Percolators

Tree percolators are among the most common types of percolators. They have three or more arms that branch off from a central stem. Water bubbles up through these arms and flows back into the chamber to be reused by more bubbles below. Tree percolators provide a larger surface area for vaporization comparatively. Furthermore, they can cool smoke more effectively than other types of percolators can. This makes them ideal for dry herbs, but they work just as well with concentrates.

  • Inline Percolators

Inline percolators have a tube inside them that allows airflow through the entire length of the chamber. This makes it easier for the smoke to pass through. Besides, there isn’t as much resistance as there would be with other percolator types. The first chamber acts as a sieve by removing large particles from the smoke while allowing smaller particles to continue into other chambers, where they get refiltered. Inline percolators are especially useful because they allow more water filtration. This is why we find them high-end.

  • Honeycomb Percolator

A honeycomb percolator is made up of tiny holes that form a honeycomb shape inside your bong. It’s called a “honeycomb” because each hole looks like a mini hexagon. This percolator provides a wide surface area for smoke to pass through. Thus, smoke cools down quickly, making it easier to inhale.

  • Showerhead Percolators

A showerhead percolator is another popular type of perc with many small holes around the bottom of the vertical tube. Hence allowing water to pass through easily. These holes are shaped like a thin cone or teardrop and look like the head of a shower from below. The size and shape of these holes can vary significantly between different models and brands. However, they all serve the same purpose. They break your smoke into smaller particles for smoother hits with less coughing and irritation afterward.

  • Matrix Percolators

The Matrix percolator has horizontal and vertical slits, which create turbulence when smoke passes through them. Therefore, it cools down the smoke and breaks it into smaller pieces, making inhaling easier. The size of these slits depends on how many holes there are in the percolator. More holes mean more turbulence, which results in a sensational smoke.

  • Coil Percolators

The coil percolator consists of spiraling tubes that create tiny bubbles when water passes through. As these bubbles rise through the chamber, they break into smaller ones. Henceforth resulting in more surface area for heat transfer and diffusion. Coils are usually found in large bongs since they require more water volume than other types of percolators, like the matrix perc.

Choosing the Best Percolator Bong

Several factors should be considered when choosing a bong. If you’re new to smoking and don’t know where to start, you’ll understand how to opt for the best percolator bong right here.

  • Material

The first thing to consider when choosing a percolator bong is its material. Bongs made from glass are very popular because they are easy to clean and come in various colors. Also, glass is durable, which means it will last years without breaking or chipping.

A second option is ceramic, which is also durable but typically more fragile than glass and is more likely to break if dropped too hard on the ground. Or if it comes into contact with something sharp like a key.

Plastic is yet another option for smokers who want something easy to carry around that is more robust than ceramic. However, keep in mind that plastic bongs are not as durable as ceramic or glass ones.

  • Easy to Use

Percolator bongs are relatively easy to use compared to other bongs. However, some models can be challenging to clean or pack with fresh herbs when not used regularly. If we want a percolator bong that’s easy to pack, look for one with a larger bowl and mouthpiece opening. This makes it easier to fill it up with fresh herbs and pack them down tightly before lighting up.

We may also consider purchasing an extra carb hole if our current model doesn’t have one. This makes clearing smoke from the chamber easier after each hit, allowing air through the bottom and top of the bowl piece, allowing the smoke to flow out faster.

  • Size

One of the most critical factors to be considered when choosing a new bong is its size. This is because different sizes offer various uses and benefits. For example, if we want something small and portable, we should choose a smaller size, such as a pocket or mini bong.

On the other hand, if we want something bigger, we should go for something like a standard or tall bong. We should also consider what type of smoking experience we want from our new percolator bong. Then again, it’s better to choose a smaller model with fewer features for daily use. But if it’s only for special occasions, something bigger and better with lots of special features, like ashtrays and ice catchers, will be better.

  • Cost

Percolator bongs are available at a wide range of prices depending on the quality, size, and materials used. While some are affordable, others can cost hundreds of dollars. Before deciding if spending more on this item is worthwhile, we should also consider how long we expect to use it.


Q1- How does a percolator bong work?

When we smoke out of a bong with a perc, smoke moves through the water inside the bong. It then gets filtered as it goes up through its various chambers. The water breaks up the smoke into smaller particles, making it easier for us to inhale. Remember, there’s less resistance when we breathe out than if we take big hits directly out of our bowl or joint without any water filtration involved.

The more chambers there are in our bong’s perc, the smoother the hit will be. This is because there is a more considerable separation between each chamber. Hence, fewer bubbles will get stuck together as they rise through each chamber.

Q2- Do percolators affect your high?

The answer is no. A percolator bong will not affect your high in any way compared to a regular bong.

Percolators are designed to filter smoke through water, which cools it down before inhaling it. This process helps remove impurities from the smoke, making the hit smoother and easier.

The fact that a percolator doesn’t affect our high means that it will also not affect how much THC we absorb into our system.

However, there are some downsides to using these types of bongs. The biggest issue is that they use more water than other bongs. So they’ll take longer to fill up and clean afterward.

Q3- How do you clean a percolator bong?

You will need the following before you start cleaning your bong:

  • A bowl
  • Cleaning brush/cotton swabs
  • Cleaning solution ( alcohol/ vinegar)
  • Paper towel

Follow these steps:

  1. First, remove all the pieces from the bong and place them on a flat surface or table free from dust and other particles.
  2. Then pour some rubbing alcohol into your bong, about three-quarters full. This depends on how much resin is inside.
  3. Shake up your pipe well so that all the resin comes loose from its hiding places.
  4. Use a cleaning brush to scrub off any dirt or particles stuck between the percolators. You can also use cotton swabs for this purpose if you do not have a cleaning brush available with you.
  5. Lastly, rinse the bong with warm water and dry it with a paper towel.

Q4- Is it worth cleaning a percolator bong?

If we invest in a high-quality perc bong, then yes, it’s indeed worth investing time in cleaning our piece because it will function more reliably for longer. The bong will not function properly and will be prone to break down if not cleaned regularly.


A percolator bong is excellent for anyone who wants a smooth hit. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why it feels so good compared to a regular straight bong. However, here are a few reasons: the ice, the nature of the smoke, and the overall smoothness. This bong is a must-try if you want to get smooth hits.

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