What Does Personality Number 7 Mean?

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You might not have many friends who have personality number 7 but if you are lucky you will. This personality type can be very serious and focused on study so if your idea of fun is having a laugh with a bunch of friends and wasting time together, number 7s are more likely to make excuses and leave early to go and do something more interesting. If you want to calculate your personality number have a look at a numerology name calculator

Number 7s are not party poopers. It’s just that there is a lot going on internally. They tend to enjoy studying and working things out and often look at the deeper meanings of life rather than the superficial.

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Sevens enjoy learning and they can be introverted. This doesn’t mean they are shy or lack social confidence. It just means that the trivialities of life don’t usually touch them.

If you are a number 7 type of personality, you need to understand this about yourself to realize your true potential.

Most sevens do well in professions that require high standards of expertise and attention to detail.

Natural jobs would be anything to do with scientific research, academic studies such as history or even antiques or medical positions that require a high level of competence such as a surgeon. Because 7s are so self-sufficient they can also be excellent explorers and long-distance sailors.

Although the sevens can sometimes be solitary they do make excellent friends. They are never vain and superficial and they are always consistently themselves. They can adopt an unusual and individual dress style just because they like it, and they are not troubled with fitting in and being conventional.

Overall a number 7 is a great thing to be. People with this sign are confident and reflective and always interested in finding out about the world and how things work.

As a word of caution, if you are a seven yourself you may need to bear in mind that not everyone shares your high ideals and intellect and maybe try lightening up every once in a while.

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What Does Personality Number 7 Mean

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