What does a field engineer do

What does a field engineer do?

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Service technicians for heavy vehicles and mobile equipment, also called mechanics inspect, service and repair vehicles and machinery used in construction, agriculture, rail, and other industries.

Description of the field technician position

Field technicians install equipment, repair errors, maintain, and repair. These include electronic products, telecommunications equipment or devices. Retailers, cable companies and service companies employ field technicians who generally work full time during the first shift of the week. Field technicians travel to clients’ homes and businesses to repair and install equipment and usually work independently and with little supervision. Finally, the field technicians inform the service manager.


The day-to-day tasks of field technicians vary depending on the team they work with and the number of service requests they receive during the day. However, these essential tasks are the same in most companies:

Install the equipment

Field technicians install devices and show customers how to operate them.

Troubleshooting and repairing devices

Field technicians solve equipment problems to determine the cause of the issues reported. Once the problem is detected, the device will be corrected to restore its full functionality. They also perform routine preventative maintenance.

Maintain newspapers

Field technicians write logs of each service call they make and add notes to customer records.

Advise Clients

Field technicians tell customers how to use the equipment and advise them on best practices for their equipment to work correctly.

Perform Demonstrations

Field technicians demonstrate equipment capabilities to customers and explain how to perform a variety of tasks, including simple maintenance.

Maintain stock

Field technicians manage inventory of their service vehicles and order new items when inventory levels are exhausted.

Maintenance of service vehicle

Retail service technicians keep their service vehicles clean and organized and refuel as required.

Service technicians repair and maintain a heavy and mobile plant, hydraulic systems, transmission, and electrical systems for agricultural, industrial, construction, and railway equipment. As the Field Technician Jobs are essential. They confirm the presentation and safety of fuel lines, brakes, and other systems.

Maintenance technicians use computers and diagnostic equipment to identify problems and to make necessary adjustments or repairs. For example, use an oscilloscope to look for signs produced by electronic components. Service technicians also use many power tools and various machine tools, including air wrenches, lathes, and welding equipment. A pneumatic tool is a pneumatic tool, as an impact key, powered by compacted air.

Service technicians also use different hand gears such as screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches to work in small and hard to reach places. Usually, they buy these tools during their careers and often invest thousands of dollars in their inventory.

After service technicians identify faulty equipment, they repair, replace, and calibrate components such as hydraulic pumps and spark plugs. It may include the preparation and reconstruction of essential pieces of equipment or making adjustments employing an onboard computer program.

Farm machinery mechanics and service technicians repair and repair a farm service such as tractors and pickers. They also work with lawn and garden tractors with less consumer protection. Most businesses work for dealer repairs, where farmers provide their equipment for more and more maintenance.

Mechanics of heavy mobile equipment for the repair and maintenance of construction and open types of machinery, such as bulldozers, cranes, graders, and excavators. Most work for governments, loan and leasing companies, as well as large construction and mining companies.

Repairs to rail vehicles specialize in maintaining rail locomotives, subways, and other cars. They usually work for railway companies, public and private transport companies, and rail vehicle manufacturers.

Information on technicians and mechanics working mainly with motor vehicles can found in the profile of car service technicians and mechanics.

For more information on specialists and mechanics who work mainly on motorboats, motorcycles, and small off-road vehicles, see the profile of mechanics with small engines.

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