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What are the Best Spirit Levels?

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Spirit levels indicator whether a surface is level or not and are essential for the average homeowner. Is it possible to hang a photo frame on the wall? The spirit level is the only instrument to inform you if something is straight!

The spirit level will distinguish between a fantastic job and a failure. It’s the only instrument every bricklayer, builder, and so on needs for everyday use.

What is the Best Spirit Level?

We’ve compiled a list of three of our preferred spirit levels on the market, each available for purchase at Toolstop. Stabila and Stanley are two of the most well-known makers of spirit levels.

Spirit Level Type 96-2 with 3 Vials Stabila 1220mm

The Stabila spirit levels come in a variety of sizes and designs. The 96-2 collection is one of our favourites.

The vial is one of the most crucial components of any level. Despite its perceived invulnerability, it is one of the most fragile components. With that in mind, Stabila has incorporated a fixed moulded vial into each of their best-selling spirit levels to guarantee absolute precision even in demanding situations.

Beam Spirit Level with 3 Vials Stanley 1-43-553 FatMax 600mm

The Stanley FatMax spirit levels are equal in quality to Stabila. The 1-43-553 I Beam Spirit Level has solid-block vials to deliver an accuracy of 0.5mm/m in eight orientations. It’s the same as the 96-2, with three vials (one horizontal and two vertical) that allows you to take a reading from any angle.

The FatMax spirit levels are a more robust box-beam design and feature enhanced strength. The integrated handle and small form make handling simple, while precision-engineered, dual-machined levelling surfaces for maximum accuracy add to the simplicity. Finally, the three vials are magnified for better all-around viewing with shock-absorbing end caps to prevent the level from breaking if it’s dropped.

The Stanley FatMax is also available in a variety of sizes.

Magnetic Box Beam Spirit Level with 3 Vials Stanley FatMax Xtreme 600mm

The Stanley FatMax Box Beam Level is a high-precision level that works in all levelling situations. Their solid-block acrylic vials have the best accuracy of 0.5mm/m in eight directions and are up to five times stronger than other Stanley levels due to their box beam design. The magnified wider centre vial provides better viewing, and the super-powerful magnets allow use on magnetised surfaces.

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