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What Are Some of the Best-Selling Valentine’s Day Flowers?

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Valentine’s day is a time to celebrate love and show your appreciation for your loved ones through thoughtful gestures and presents. Flowers have long been a traditional gift for this special holiday, with red roses being the most popular gifting choice. Flowers are elegant and timeless and convey a wide range of sentiments in a compact package. If you are searching for Valentine’s Day flowers to give your loved ones, you can find inspiration in this article, where we go over some of the bestselling flowers for that special day.

Red Rose Bouquet

No discussion of Valentine’s Day gifts is complete without mentioning red roses. Red roses symbolize love and undying passion, sentiments that are perfect for the occasion. The Red Rose Bouquet is a customizable set of one to two dozen red roses that come in three unique options: no vase, glass vase, and chrome vase. When it comes to red roses, there is no going wrong due to their timeless and iconic nature as Valentine’s Day staples. When you see them, everyone automatically associates the rose with the flower of love.

Best Day Bouquet

The Best Day Bouquet is a collection of vibrant flowers in warm colors like yellow sunflowers, pink roses, orange tulips, green chrysanthemums, snapdragons, white lilies, and assorted green foliage in a beautiful box. This bouquet is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face instantly and make their day brighter. If you are overwhelmed by Valentine’s Day gifting options online, you should choose this bouquet to sort out your gifting needs. They will still be highly appreciated by the loved one receiving them.

Moonlight White Rose Bouquet

Whether it is to express love and admiration for a friend or a beloved family member or signify your devotion to your significant other, this collection of elegant white roses is the best choice. The Moonlight White Rose Bouquet is the perfect gift to give your loved ones to express your love in a meaningful way. The bouquet comes in one and two dozen flower options with an optional clear glass vase that is the perfect way to display these stunning roses at your place.

Two Dozen Mixed Roses with Blush Vase

This vibrant collection of multicolored roses is an instant burst of joy and delight for the recipient. The bouquet comes with fresh yellow, pink, orange, red, and white roses interspersed with lush green foliage in a blush vase that is perfect to display on desks, dining tables, hallways, and windowsills. The bouquet comes with floral food and detailed care instructions in a carefully designed package to deliver freshness and joy to the doorstep of your loved one. It’s always nice to receive a bouquet that doesn’t look like the rest.

Regal Jewel – A Florist Original

If you are confused between different flowers and do not know what the recipient would like, you can surprise them with this exquisite collection of florist foam choice bouquets. The Regal Jewel is an original, hand-crafted bouquet that varies with seasonal flowers and colors and each florist’s interpretation of the theme. Regardless of the variations, the bouquet stays true to the promise of fresh, high-quality flowers in four different sizes: standard, deluxe, premium, and exquisite. Mixed with fresh foliage, these blooms are sure to put a smile on your beloved’s face.


Flowers are a timeless and classic gift to give your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. You can choose from a wide range of flowers, colors, and floral arrangements to send the perfect bouquet to your loved one that encapsulates your love and admiration perfectly. Your loved one will not only appreciate the thought but will very much appreciate the gorgeous flowers they received. A bouquet can go a long way.

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