Well-Known Marketplaces For Buying Tokens

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Top NFT Marketplaces Of 2022

NFT is a digital identifier in the blockchain that is used to prove ownership. It cannot be changed, copied, or shared. Detailed information is published on Wiki for English-speaking readers. Any person can create it, although minimal software development skills are required.

Top 10 Marketplaces

What marketplaces can I buy or sell NFTs on? This article offers the top 10 marketplaces that are indicated in the table and discussed below.

1 OpenSea
2 SuperRare
3 NFT Launchpad
4 Foundation
6 Nifty Gateway
7 Quint
9 Rarible
10 DraftKings

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For the reader’s convenience, information about each of the trading platforms can be published in a dedicated section. NFTs are spent on the purchase of art and music objects, and various options for collecting. It is based on blockchain technology, which becomes the basis for digital currencies.


OpenSea is a platform offering a secure way to trade. This decentralized platform is open for the creation, secure storage, and profitable sale of NFTs. The latter are used for purchasing:

  • domains;
  • games;
  • lyrics;
  • music;
  • videos;
  • animations;
  • art objects.

Tokens are also suitable for selling and buying physical assets. These include furniture, appliances, real estate, and cars. To operate on the platform, it is necessary to hire experienced developers.


SuperRare is a marketplace that was created for trading digital art. Its administration cooperates with authors selectively. The latter submit an application, which is accompanied by a portfolio and information about past sales. It remains to wait for consideration.

The platform was created in 2018. It has its own management token. The platform has gained a distinct audience. Showcases in virtual stores are designed by users based on personal preferences. An operation on the platform requires an account to be created that is linked to a cryptocurrency wallet.

NFT Launchpad

In 2022, NFT Launchpad is among the best marketplaces. It is a platform for trading non-fungible tokens. Investments are attracted as early as the concept stage. Users receive five benefits.

  1. The best startups are ensured rapid growth.
  2. It is possible to be successful in the long term.
  3. There is a fair distribution of tokens during the first sale.
  4. There is protection for NFT buyers and sellers.
  5. Access to a large number of projects is provided.

The platform has tools for creating tokens, users are checked to protect them from fraudsters. The prospects of each project are estimated.


Foundation is a fund that is managed by token holders. As of May 23, 2023, the platform will be open to all NFT creators. There is no control over the actions of users. Web 3 artists are now allowed to display work to find customers and end buyers. is a well-known trading platform with different options for trading and investing money. Pros include

  1. Ease of use for beginners.
  2. Acceptance of security measures.
  3. Low commissions compared to other exchanges.
  4. Passive income opportunities.

There is support for 250 digital currencies. The most popular options include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, and Polkadot.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is a centralized platform open for trading digital assets. A unique signature is used to encrypt NFT. The first step is to create an account, the second step is to sell via one of four ways:

  • silent auctions;
  • open bids;
  • global offers;
  • drawings (for collectors).

This place sells art. The platform’s founders receive part of the royalties (5%) when artists’ works are sold. In 2020, a digital schedule for collectors and the possibility to create alerts for buyers were introduced.


Quint is a well-known trading platform whose management has timely recognized the potential of the digital world. Users choose it because of its reliability, transparency, and the opportunity to receive high rewards for selling valuables. The platform is suitable for selling physical objects:

  • paintings;
  • stocks;
  • houses.

Buyers are given the gift of a photo frame, which bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds. It is believed that the platform remains promising for owners. The latter have set the task of developing a wallet to attract additional users.


WAX is a global platform with over 400 million registered members. They sell or buy digital items (skins). Tokens are used for trading and blockchain technology is used for coin transfers. The owners aim to unite all market participants – buyers, sellers, trusted agents, and producers.

The network has a system of contracts with a set of features and corresponding tools. It is possible to integrate any website, which will be synchronized with the platform after joining. When you buy, you have to click on the link, log in, and transfer the money.


Rarible is a platform with filters. There are three indicators for quick selection of information:

  • sales period;
  • popularity;
  • price.

Tokens are created based on Ethereum to attract a wide audience of users. Creators can set their own rewards (up to 10%). Starting on October 20, new tools have been introduced.


DraftKings is a popular marketplace where some users can buy non-fungible tokens from others. Visitors trade digital collectibles. Access to trading is granted after creating an account. There is a requirement for users to be 18 years of age or older. Coin transfers involve blockchain technology where only the wallet address is specified during transactions.


These days, there is plenty of information on Non-fungible tokens that can be found online. For instance, this topic has been covered in CNN news on various occasions. It says that NFTs represent the part of digital content linked to blockchain technology. The latter is used in the creation of cryptocurrencies.

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