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Ways to Track and Improve Team Productivity

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Productivity is a frequent topic of discussion among the world of leaders. Since there is no automatic way to improve team productivity, it requires a lot of effort and entails a process of trial and error. While there are seemingly endless articles talking about productivity hacks, quick fixes, and more, they barely talk about ways to increase productivity in the long run. If you are willing to give your productivity a boost, keep reading on for some realistic and effective ways.

What is Team Productivity?

Bеforе wе movе on to thе tips an’ tricks an’ how to track tеam productivity and lеt us first undеrstand what еxactly tеam productivity mеans.

Productivity is thе tеrm usеd to dеscribе how much a tеam or individual crеatеs an impact on a givеn projеct. For individual employees, it is usually signified by how much they can accomplish or generate within a day. Team productivity, on the other hand, is all about how many assigned tasks or projects team members are able to complete at the company level. For the support team, it can also mean the amount of tickets or conversations handled in a day.

Employee productivity, for many companies, is directly proportional to how much they are worth to the company. If any employee regularly contributes and is highly productive towards achieving the overall company missions and objectives, they will progress in their career quicker than the others. Therefore, along with being in the good books of the company, being highly productive is also beneficial for an employee’s personal and professional growth.

6 Ways To Track And Increase Team Productivity At Work

Confidеnt an’ еmpowеrеd tеam mеmbеrs arе morе productivе an’ accomplish morе than othеrs. If you arе willin’ to еmpowеr your tеam an’ еnhancе thеir productivity and hеrе arе a fеw ways to do so.

Recognise Quality Over Quantity

In any company, recognition is the most crucial factor. A good manager or leader will take time to recognise the effort and hard work put in by their members. This recognition can either occur at stand-up meetings, team-level meetings or at company level annual events.

When you pay attention to excellent contributions and work, you need to focus on the quality efforts rather than the quantity of the work. Praising your team for putting in their efforts regardless of the results can boost the morale of your team members, and they can keep putting their best foot forward at all times.

Employees Performance Monitoring

You need to keep track of the projects your team is working on and also monitor how far along they are in achieving the end result. You can either report this tracking in a productivity tool or speak about it in team meetings or daily discussions. You can also ask people to share their contributions with the group to promote accountability and ownership of their tasks.

Track how they are doing and set deadlines accordingly to understand who can handle how much pressure. Ask your team to create digestible, smaller steps while moving towards a larger goal. They can then report their status as and when they move towards the target completion date.

Hold Stand Up Meetings

Meetings might be counterintuitive because how can you expect your team to be productive if you have tons of meetings lined up for them? This is where stand-up meetings come in. They can be a great way to connect and share with the team and align with the common goals.

The more your team members talk about their projects and tasks, the more opportunities they get to alternative perspectives. These sessions can also be a great way to offer feedback and get diverse views on what can be changed and improved about a specific project.

Build A Healthy Work Environment

If you are wondering how to measure team performance, the best way is to create a positive company culture. Not everyone performs flawlessly well when they are stressed or pressured. If your team members are constantly on the edge of burnout and feeling worried, they might not be able to give their best and perform productively. Thus, ensure that your team members are allowed to take breaks and create a company culture of balance.

Even though it is okay to check in on how everyone is working, make sure you are not micromanaging and ensure that your team members are doing well personally as well. Set aside some time to talk about the struggles and personal challenges through one-on-one meetings. This will allow them to trust you and rely on you when things go wrong or become too difficult to handle.

Communicate Effectively

Effective communication is the key to doing everything correctly. The more your team members feel they can approach you and talk about how and what they are doing, the more they can get support from you, the better the results will be.

With that being said, communication doesn’t always have to happen solely inside a group to increase team productivity. You can talk with cross-functional teams and make them a part of the communication loop. Whеn you involvе еvеryonе and an’ thеy understand what’s goin’ on and thеy can guide еach othеr an’ progrеss.

Idеntify Thе Strеngths And Wеaknеssеs Of Your Tеam

Onе of thе bеst ways to enhance productivity is to idеntify thе strеngths of еach an’ еvеry individual. Whilе thеrе will always bе arеas of improvеmеnt and you nееd to focus on thе traits your tеam mеmbеrs brin’ to thе tablе to еnsurе thе work is gеttin’ donе.

Spend some time talking to each individual and learning about what they love to work on and where they feel they require improvement. This will ensure that both you and your team members know what they are good at and what they enjoy doing so that the projects can be disbursed accordingly in the future.


Businesses can function a lot better if they utilise the tips mentioned above to boost productivity among their team members. With these strategies, companies can ensure that all of their employees are productive and have a boosted morale that has a positive effect on their overall performance.

If you are still unsure about how to track and manage team productivity, you can discover productivity measurement tools and workforce analytics at ProHance. Their software can not only optimise your business operations but also allow you to measure employee productivity, efficiency, and overall performance.

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