Birth Injuries

Treatment Options for Newborn Birth Injuries

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No parent wants their child experiencing any kind of pain, let alone a birth injury, which can render them handicapped for the rest of their lives. But injuries at birth occur because of medical negligence on part of the medical staff.

Because these birth injuries are preventable and caused by medical negligence, is what makes this all the more disturbing. Medical science is advancing and newer treatment options are being developed that could one day enable the healthcare system to treat the birth injury complications. But, for now, that adds up to little solace for the parents whose child has had to suffer because of avoidable negligence.

Causes of birth injuries

All medical professionals are expected to uphold and exercise their duty and standard of care as are other professionals working in other industries. Failure in meeting or keeping to certain standards of care can make them liabile to pay damages to those impacted by their negligence.

Common causes of birth injuries in babies include deprivation of oxygen before, during, and after the baby’s birth, delay in C section, excessive force used in pulling the baby by the limbs, and pressure placed on the baby’s head.

In many cases, birth injuries can go unnoticed until the defect makes itself apparent later on in life.

How can one proceed with a compensation lawsuit?

The law offers some solace for the parents in case of birth injuries to hold the negligent medical facilities responsible in a lawsuit. If successful, the lawsuit entails a hefty compensation amount to be paid by negligent party to the afflicted parents.

Although these lawsuits or compensation awards cannot guarantee that your child will get their health back, but the legal services provided by firms and consultancies, like the Birth Injury Justice Center, can ensure that the parents get the money they need to pursue the best treatement for their child.

These organizations help you understand your options, provide free legal consultation, and assist you in filing lawsuits. While filing a lawsuit for negligence is important, you shouldn’t lose sight of exploring treatment options for the birth injuries that your newborn has sustained. The quicker you act in treating the birth injuries, the better chance does your newborn stand of recovering from them.

Cerebral palsy

CP is one of the most common birth injuries out there. In CP, the baby fails to develop its motor abilities and struggles maintaining balance and posture due to the damage sustained to the cerebrum. The baby is unable to control muscle and body movement.

CP occurs when in childbirth the brain is deprived of oxygen supply. There is no reversing the damage once it’s done, meaning that the condition can be permanent. The treatment focuses instead on curing symptoms, such as pain and muscle stiffness.

The treatment options for cerebral palsy include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medication, and surgery. Among these options, physical therapy stands as the most viable one for treating cerebral palsy. Physical therapy aids the affected children regain control over their bodies and the motor functions. With occupational therapy, kids develop basic skills, like gripping objects, writing, using scissors, etc.

Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s palsy is another birth injury in which nerves at the base of the neck are damaged during delivery. The condition occurs when the baby’s head is forcefully pulled at while its shoulders are trapped under the mother’s pelvic bone, resulting in a full or a partial paralysis of the baby.

In milder forms of Erb’s palsy, disability is limited to the affected arm only. The affected arm may appear smaller than the other. Just like in cerebral palsy, physical and occupational therapies are deemed essential treatment options for Erb’s palsy.

Physical therapy speeds up the healing process and can enhance the child’s chances of fully regaining use of the affected arm. Occupational therapy focuses on developing fine motor muscles and, thereby, helps boost recovery.

For reaping rewards from therapy for erb’s palsy, it is essential to start the treatment as early as possible. Exercises used in treating infants with Erb’s palsy are mild. They often include gentle massages, a spectrum of motor movements, gentle stretching, strength exercises, etc.

Recreational therapy is also needed as the child grows. Recreational therapies allow the child to lead a normal life, play with other kids, and make them feel supported. However, if the child doesn’t show improvements with therapies, then surgery is a viable option to explore.

Infant jaundice

Infant jaundice occurs mildly in most infants. It is characterized by the yellowing of the baby’s skin in the first few weeks after birth. Light therapy is a widely used treatment option for newborn jaundice.

Newborn Cephalohematoma

The condition occurs when an injury at brith causes internal bleeding in the baby’s brain. Clots formed due to bleeding put pressure on the brain and the baby’s head. With time, some hematomas might clear on their own. However, you should seek immediate medical assistance for your baby if the condition persists.

The most common way to clear hematomas is surgical treatment. Surgical treatments include Burr hole surgery (small holes drilled into the skull), Craniotomy (bone flap removed to relieve pressure), and Craniectomy (bone flap is not put back).


It’s hard to live with the fact that your child has a complication that resulted from a birth injury. You can get compensated for the negligence on part of the medical staff, but along with pursuing the legal route for medical compensation, you should also act quickly in exploring medical treatment options for the condition your baby is going through. The above-mentioned conditions are the most common ones that develop as a direct result of birth injuries.

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