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Top Red Flags You Should Consider When Buying Your First Home

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For many people, a home is their lifetime biggest investment. Making this investment valuable is complex and tricky. If you are looking to buy your first home, you can’t let yourself go blind.

Some buyers only check out the appearance of the home while the other hand smart buyers check the functionality and structural details of the home. Making open house visits is easy when you see cleaned cabinets, fresh walls, and stylish furniture in the living. But this can be just a window dressing that hides some functional problems.

Here are a few red flags that you should not avoid no matter how hot the market gets. You still can find the home of your choice.

  • Sign of property damage

If it’s your first visit or third, to get a better idea about the maintenance of the place is to look at the places, that are mostly neglected by the homeowners. Those areas can be long grass on the lawn, burned-out light bulbs, leaky faucets in bathrooms, etc.

These signs can also predict many other ignored issues in a home that need maintenance. Inspect the place properly so you don’t have to invest your money and time to fix these issues after buying the property in hurry.

  • Any foundation issues

Checking homes online might neglect the faults that only the naked eye can detect. Some websites don’t mention the right age of a home mostly buyers later after the purchase.

Make sure you don’t avoid any cracks in the hairline as it can be a red flag that the property is aging or any bigger issue in the foundation. If you are looking to buy a home in Alberta, you can seek help from a certified real estate agent that will help you to find the correct information about REP Calgary Homes.

  • Extreme scent

Don’t get flattered when smelling a freshly baked pie on your visit. Any strong smell can be used to hide bad ones that can uncover any damage. In some cases, the aroma of food and scented candles are used to cover the smell of bugs, and insects killing sprays.

Avoid the smell and take a deeper sniff in every room and bathroom. Check the walls, ceilings, and corners of the floor to find any damage signs or accidents to any animal.

  • Jamming windows

Windows are the most important function of the home. Borrow some extra time to pull back the curtains for a look. You should move the windows to inspect if they are working well.

Open a few and see, if they get jammed which can be a cause of foundation damage or water leak. If you find any home that has installed new windows, check those too whether they are installed right or wrong.

  • Water leakage

Sensing a musty smell can make you think that there might be some leakage of water that is not standing but can be in walls or blocked ceilings. Move your eyes to see any water lines as they indicate water leakage from a burst pipe or damage on a roof.

Check the water flow in laundry rooms for rust or any water stains. Check the flow in the kitchen and bathrooms as well.

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