Instagram Travel Blogging Tips

Top 8 Instagram Travel Blogging Tips

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If you are a travel blogger and want to use Instagram for sharing your travel experiences but do not know from where to begin, then the time to end your worries has come. In this article, we are going to discuss some important tips required to start a travel blog on Instagram.

Hire a Photographer If Required

There is no need to say that Instagram travel blogs mainly depend on photography skills. If your photos are good and compelling then your followers are sure to like those. If you are not much accustomed to photo or video editing tools or if your photography skills are not up to the mark for Instagram then the best thing you can do is to hire a freelance photographer and editor within a reasonable range.

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Make Your Captions Compelling

You must be familiar with the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” because this phrase is very true for Instagram. Captions play a significant role in influencing the response in your posts. No matter how good and high quality your photos are, if your captions are not compelling then your posts will not get sufficient traction. You have to use your captions to describe the photo that you have posted; you need to explain the meaning behind the post, what made you click that photo, what you find interesting in it, etc. But do not just keep on writing as much as you can, restrict yourself within a word limit because too many big captions will make your posts look too untidy.

Monetize Your Work by Building a Large Follower Base

If you are familiar with influencer marketing then you must know how important a role it plays in today’s digital marketing domain. According to Forbes, influencers create authentic and genuine content as a result of which their posts can resonate better with the consumers. Almost 95 percent of marketers all over the world consider influencer marketing to be one of the most effective marketing strategies and so many brands are getting hold of Instagram influencers for promoting their products. There is a few percentage of users who do not get access to the influencers and try to buy real active Instagram followers as an easy option. However, you being a travel blogger can monetize your Instagram account by building a strong follower base and become an influencer.

Utilize Instagram Stories

Instagram introduced its Stories feature to counter the popularity of Snapchat and surprisingly just within a year of its launch, nearly 250 million people began to use Instagram Stories more than Snapchat. To grow your travel account you need to enhance the engagement in your profile and Instagram Stories can help you to do that efficiently. You can share glimpses of your travel, behind the scenes of your editing work, the place you are staying, etc., and build a strong connection with your followers.

Use an Analytics Tool

An analytics tool helps you to learn about the behavior of your followers. Using an analytics tool, you can know when your followers are most active and schedule your posts accordingly, what kind of posts your followers prefer the most, the number of likes, shares, and comments your posts are getting, etc. You will also be able to know what hashtags and keywords will work best for your posts.

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Engage in Co-Marketing

When two brands or organizations come together to promote a product to the shared audience then it is called co-marketing. Co-marketing allows both the brands to cover a wide range of potential customers that would have been difficult rather impossible individually. Besides this business world, co-marketing is also used in many social media platforms especially Instagram. In Instagram, this co-marketing is termed as “account take over”. You can reach out to other travel bloggers and ask them to take over your account for one day and share his or her thoughts about your blogs. This will help to gain followers for both of you.

Choose High-Quality Photography Equipment

Though nowadays smartphones have a lot of inbuilt high-quality photography features it is better not to use a smartphone for shooting your Instagram photos or videos. It is advisable to use digital cameras. You might say that digital cameras are very expensive, but varieties of digital cameras are available so you can easily get the one that fits your budget and moreover, if you want to become a popular travel blogger then you have to invest a bit.

Go Live on Instagram

Going Live on Instagram is one of the most effective tools for connecting with your followers. And for travel blogging accounts, coming up Live should be a must because it increases the interaction with your followers. Live sessions while on a tour make your followers feel as if they are also present with you. Next time when you go for a tour do not forget to come up Live and interact with your followers.


These are some tips that you must know if you want to start a travel blog on Instagram. Hope you find this article helpful.

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