Tips to Help Limit Your Child’s Screen Time

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Are you seeking a good parental control app to manage a child’s device screen time? Then, you are on the right page.

Every media channel is obsessed with kid safety apps, given the time children spend on internet-enabled devices.

Today’s parents are concerned about kids’ excessive media hours. Screen time is not confined merely in watching television, but it includes all electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. It has various pitfalls that impact a child’s growth and development.

Let us take a glance at why parents need a screen time control application.

Why Is Child Monitoring App A Necessity?

Children face multiple problems due to extreme media time. Check a few examples of it here.

Obesity: When kids are inactive and constantly staring at the phone’s screens, their physical movements are restricted. A child’s sedentary lifestyle can cause obesity.

Degrades academic performance: The habit of continuously checking the notifications on smartphones disturbs the attention of kids which degrades their academic performance.

Children are prone to digital vulnerabilities: When a child spends more than 2 hours on their gizmo, their active status attracts online stalkers. They can easily get indulged by predators or bullies on the digital platform.

Insomnia: Persistent staring into screens before bedtime disrupts the sleeping cycle. Rays from the device are injurious for the brain, and it causes insomnia. Teens who have a habit of checking the mobiles at midnight cannot focus on any other activity.

Kids can go violent: A child can be quickly desensitized to violence if they see savage videos, images, or movies. They may try to imitate whatever they have viewed on-screen and cause harm to others.

Other issues: Kids are vulnerable to various health issues like irritable eyes, poor cognitive functions, shoulder/neck pain, attention deficiency, headaches, and many more. Excessive media time can also cause brain tumors and cancer in the long run.

Bit Guardian Parental Control – One Of The Best Screen Time Control App:

It is an Android software that allows parents to keep a spy eye on child’s digital activities.

This software has no limitation on adding the number of children.

It has screen time control tools that help kids to curtail their excessive media hours.

  • Time Schedule: Here, parents can preset the time boundaries of using multiple apps on teen’s devices. If they want an extra span, they need to send a request to parents.

This tool also has a bedtime feature, which will shut the app automatically if the sleeping hours are defined.

  • App Blocker: This tool is useful to block the harmful and unnecessary applications on kid’s phones. It includes pornography, dating apps, or distracting one like social media.
  • App Install Blocker: Children are refrained from downloading new applications if this feature is enabled. When your child has a bad habit of using a plethora of unnecessary apps, App Install Blocker is the need of the hour.

Additionally, Bit Guardian has other useful tools for the complete internet protection of the child and a few of which are described below:

  • GPS: This tool tracks kids’ locations and follows their whereabouts. Its Geofence boundaries allow parents to predefine the safe zone.

It has a Speed Limit feature that shows at what pace the teen is driving and you can keep a watch on their driving patterns.

  • Panic and SOS Alert: It protects children during emergencies. Parents can also add another responsible person as a guardian in case you cannot reach your child.
  • Anti-Theft: When a kid’s cell phone gets lost or stolen, find it using the Anti-Theft tool. You can make it ring or locate the device on a map. Factory Reset Tool will wipe off the data of the missing phone.

Still, thinking? Aah! Don’t waste much time in picking one of the most trustworthy kids’ safety applications like Bit Guardian Parental Control. Is there anything more important than the digital safety of your child? Install the app today!


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