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5 Tips On How To Find The Best Storage Facility For You

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Self-storage facilities have become a big part of many lives and businesses. These facilities offer people and businesses a cheaper and better way to store items and clutter that would otherwise have cramped their space. Currently, 1 in 10 American families rent self-storage units to keep their items and protect them from common dangers that could affect their properties. A self-storage facility may be the best option for you if you’re also looking to make space in your home or business.

Before renting out a self-storage facility, you need to understand how it works and the best self storage tips to help you choose the best one for your needs. Below are five tips on finding the best storage facility for your needs.

Find The Right Size

Size matters when choosing a lot of things, including a storage facility. A good way to know what you need and the right storage unit size is by listing all items you intend to put in the storage facility. Once your list is prepared, ensure that all non-essential items that could be donated or trashed are removed. You’ll be left with a final list of essential items that will end up in the storage unit. Use this information to determine how big or small a storage space you need.

Determine Storage Facility Type

There are different types of self-storage facilities based on your individual needs. People looking to store important documents or businesses looking to store fragile products can seek out climate-controlled self-storage facilities with modified internal temperatures. On the other hand, regular items like furniture, cloth boxes, etc., can be stored in a typical self-storage unit without worries.

To determine the best type of self-storage facility for your needs, consider what you intend to store in the unit and how perishable or fragile it is. If very fragile and temperature-sensitive, choose a climate control storage unit.

Look Online, Read Reviews, Inspect The Facility

Determining the best size and type of self-storage facility is recommended before searching for a self-storage facility provider. This is because the size and type are two important factors you want to check for when you finally collate a list of possible self-storage unit providers.

With your background knowledge, you can start looking online or go offline by asking friends, family, colleagues at work, or even neighbors for recommendations. Most people are always willing to help with recommendations, and you can be sure they are giving unbiased information as there’s no monetary gain from such acts.

Collate a list of offline and online recommendations and start the vetting process by reading their reviews and browsing their websites for services rendered. It is important to shortlist self-storage facilities with great customer reviews based on storage unit quality, customer service, service pricing, etc.

You can also call up each of the shortlisted self-storage companies to ask for additional information, including a virtual or on-site tour of their facility and add-on services like transportation solutions to move your items from your home or business to the storage unit.

Discuss Pricing

Pricing is one of the biggest deal breakers for many customers. Customers are interested in spending as little as they can for great quality services – and self-storage facilities aren’t exempted.

Contact all shortlisted self-storage facilities to learn more about their pricing and discounts. You can also ask about promotional offers and value adds you may qualify for as a customer. In most cases, you can save a couple of dollars on self-storage units when you pay a couple of months upfront. This may be worth it, especially if you have the money and aim to keep your items stored in the location for the foreseeable future.

Find The Best Location

With the right size, type, company, and price, you need to tick one more factor off your list – the right location. Choosing a self-storage unit that isn’t too far from you, your home, or your workplace is important.

Choosing a nearby self-storage facility can save you time and energy, especially if you intend to store items you may occasionally need. Look for the nearest storage facility that ticks all the important boxes in your list and contact them to set up an account.

Also, ensure that all items to be stored in the self-storage unit are carefully evaluated before they are loaded. Make sure the important items are stored out front for easy access. You should also label all boxes, irrespective of how small or irrelevant they may be – this could be the difference between a five-minute drop-in and a two-hour frustrating search.

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