Outdoor Cushions

Tips for selecting outdoor cushions

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For the outdoor furniture, the cushions you select should be able to withstand the weather conditions. The fabric should be usable in the summer, winter and the rainy season. You need a fabric that does not fade in the sun, is water repellent and durable.

Your outdoor furniture cushions will be exposed to the environment and should be easy to clean. You should choose the right fabric for your cushions from the different types of fabric available.

Tips for selecting the fabric

  • The fabric fades out due to exposure to the sun therefore you should select a fabric like Sunbrella that does not fade out in the sun because it uses the solution-dyed acrylic yarn. The colour of the fabric is added during the manufacturing process when the fibre is in liquid form. So the colour of the fabric does not fade out.
  • The outdoor furniture will gather dirt and the dirt will grow mildew and mould. The outdoor cushion fabric you use should be easy to clean. When you use Sunbrella fabric you can easily brush off the dirt from the cushions
  • You will have to put your pillows inside during the rainy season so that they do not get wet. The Sunbrella fabric is woven and breathable and the water does not collect in it but flows to the bottom. The fabric can be easily air-dried.
  • You should be able to remove the stains from the fabric easily. With Sunbrella the stains can be removed by washing with mild soap and water. You can use a sponge or a wet towel to remove the soap residue. Soap residue can attract dirt and therefore should be removed. Sunbrella fabric is also bleach-cleanable.
  • If you want custom cushions for your outdoor furniture then you should be able to make them using the fabric. You can easily make cushions and pillows in various sizes, styles and shapes in the Sunbrella fabric. The fabric is available in many shades, textures, patterns and designs. It can help to enhance the look of your outdoor spaces.

Type of Sunbrella cushions

The various types of cushions available are seat cushions, chaise lounge cushions, outdoor replacement cushions, chair cushions, back cushions, pillows and more. You can select the size, shape, design, fill, fabric, ties and more. The cushion can be made with the specifications you provide using the Sunbrella fabric.

You can choose from different shapes like rounded corners, square corners, triangles, rectangles, circular and more. Select your fill and the Sunbrella fabric of your choice. You can choose the fabric from a wide variety of colours, designs and textures.

There is a range of shades available to match your outdoor furniture style. If your cushions have become old and you need to replace them. You can find colours to match your existing furniture.

By adding cushions to your outdoor furniture you can improve the look of your outdoor space. The cushions should be soft, long-lasting and provide comfort. The Sunbrella fabric cushions offer all this and at the same time are easy to maintain.

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