Tinted Car Windows

Tinted Car Windows, 5 Reasons Why Should You Get Them ASAP!

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Car owners tend to modify their cars to meet their needs and make them more and more comfortable

This totally makes sense because who doesn’t want his/her car to be customized for him/her! Almost everyone would like to turn this small place into something that gives you a good feeling, especially for the ones who spend a lot of their time riding their car.

While some people upgrade their air filter, and some of them get a good set of tires, many people opt to tint their car windows.

Tinting your car windows is really beneficial for many reasons. First of all, you can not deny that cars with tinted windows are way more attractive and sharper than the ones with clear windows, not only this but there are huge pros you can get when tinting the windows along with the good looking. Apart from this, car interior lights also look great with the tinted windows.

Here Is Why You Should Get Your Car Windows Tinted ASAP!


Maybe this is the first benefit you will think about when getting tinted windows for your car.

Tinted windows will allow passengers and you to see outside clearly, but at the same time make it hard for anyone to see inside the car, which leads us to the next point.

Bar Malicious People

Any one of us can be in a hurry and have no time to hide his/her valuables or might leave any possessions behind without noticing, but that doesn’t mean you have to sing goodbye to your beloved car.

One of the most common reasons for car thefts is that the thief can see the inside of the car, so if you tint your windows it will be more difficult for anyone to see valuables left inside your car, and therefore prevent the thief from breaking in.

Keep The Car Cool

Driving your car under the burning sun is one discomfort thing to experience for many drivers.

Tinted windows can block up to 99% of harmful sun radiation which prevents the heat and helps the car to stay cooler during the hot months in summer, especially when you don’t want to turn the air conditioner on, this will also decrease the fuel consumption and therefore saves you some cash.


You can’t deny that it is more comfortable for you and other passengers when it is cooler inside.

Preventing glare and bright sunlight will significantly comfort your eyes which means you don’t have to wear sunglasses and you will have a safe drive, as well as avoiding many eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Not to mention that these dark windows will also protect your skin from the burning sun and heat. So no more sunburns or any other skin conditions.

Protect Interior

Not only protecting your skin and your health but also tinting your car windows with a high-quality film will protect your upholstery, seats, and dashboard, whether you have leather seats, cloth seats, or any other material, these windows will prolong your upholstery’s life by preventing them from fading, wrapping, cracking, or discoloring.

Tint Types


Ceramic tint is the most expensive because it prevents sunlight completely, improves your car value, and prevents glare.

The thing about this tint is that it’s clear, which makes it possible for everyone outside to see your interior, and therefore, less privacy for you and your passengers.


Carbon tint is for the ones that like matt finishes. No more mirror effect on your car windows, as well as you can enjoy your car cool in summer and warm in winter!

Dyed Film

Uses multiple layers of dye, and is relatively perfect for those who are on a budget, it prevents heat but can fade over time.


This tint prevents UV light, scratch-resistant, but it is expensive.


The hybrid tint is both metallic and dyed, it blocks UV light, heat, and glare, and it is less expensive than the metallic one.

What Should You Do After the Tint?

To maintain your newly tinted windows in a good condition, and enjoy them for the longest time, do these few things.

  1. Do not run to wash the car immediately! Washing your car after two or three hours can impede the drying and cause bubbles because of the moisture.
  2. Do not get excited about checking if the windows fit, do not roll the windows down before they are completely dry.
  3. Let the windows dry for two to four days in summer, and for more days in winter.

Having your windows tinted is a good investment you can make for your car, it has many features like security, and privacy, not to mention that even if you’re driving in the hottest season or area in the world like Dubai for example, you can still enjoy a cool ride.

This also makes it a good deal for you if you want to sell any car in Dubai because many buyers will opt to choose a car with tinted windows rather than clear ones!

Author: Mohamad Omari from CarWise

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