Things you must know before playing Nard Game

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Nard game is a played-on table. It is a two-player game in which the playing bits are stirred around a board as exhibited by the number on the dice. It incorporates a similar board as backgammon, however, has another fundamental position and rules.

Till the time of seventeenth century, Nard game was played in Georgia in the name called Nardi, and in nineteenth century, Kalmucks played this game by the name known as narr. During most pieces of the twentieth century both Georgia and Kalmucks. So before long, the Nard game was started playing in Russia and other ex-USSR nations.

Rules and Setup of the game

Every player begins the game with fifteen pieces on the furthest ideal spot of the most distant side of the board, at slanting inverse corners from one another. The two of them move in a similar heading, counter clockwise, around the pile-up.

The main objective of the Nard game is to move each of your pieces across the board and stand them off.

To begin: Both the teams roll one bite the dust and the greater number goes primary. That team moves the dice over to start his chance. After the central game, the victor of the past game goes first.

Improvement: The shot in the dark shows the number of focuses, or pips, the player is to move his pieces. The going with principles applies:

  • A piece might be budge especially to an open point, one that isn’t needed by any conflicting with checkers.
  • The figures on the dual dice spread out free moves. For instance, assuming you roll 4 and 5, you could place one piece four spaces to a beginning point and one more piece five spaces to another opening point, or you could move the one checker an aggregate of nine spaces to an open point, yet gave that the broadly engaging point (either three or five spaces from the beginning stage) is besides open.
  • Duplicates are played two times. For instance, a roll of 6-6 methodologies you have four sixes to utilize.
  • You should utilize the two measures of a roll if conceivable, or each of the quatern numbers due to duplicates. If player one number in any case, not both, you should play the higher one.

The beginning stage for any player is insinuated that player’s as’ “head.” You could get just one piece off of your head respectively chance. The one-of-a-kind case is the central role of the game where you could get two checkers off your head. Dual off the head is constrained when a player rolls 3-3 or 4-4 for his first roll.

No beating: An immense separation between Nard game and different kinds of backgammon is that in this game there is no hitting. One checker without helps from some other individual pedals a point, and a conflicting checker may not get placed or contact down there.

Constraint on primes: Player must not shape a prime (six sequential squares) before the entire of the adversary’s checkers; someplace close to one conflicting with the checker should be before your prime.

Bearing off: Once the player has placed all of the fifteen of your checkers into their completing table, player could get bearing moving. You can bear off a checker by moving a number that gander at direct on which it stays, then, at that point, clearing out the checker from the board.

If there is no piece at that time displayed by the roll, player should take genuine action utilizing a checker on a higher-numbered point. Expecting there are no checkers on higher-numbered focuses, you should kill a checker from the most essential point that has a checker.

Scores: The fundamental player to bear off the total of his checkers overpowers the match and scores one point. Assuming the victor bears off the amount of his checkers before the failure has borne off any, he gets two center interests.

The best procedure to play Nard Game

The exclusivity of this game is in the checker game-plan – laterally the left half of the board for each player. Checkers at their fundamental positions are appointed “head” or “home”. Player truly need to move each of your checkers to the home in the board, and in this manner bear them off from the board before your adversary. Improvement of checkers is counter-clockwise for the two players. Taking pieces off the game and finishing up the victor is done additionally way as in backgammon. Taking checkers off the board and finishing up the victor is done additionally way as in backgammon.

Start of the game

Nard Game begins extraordinarily rather than backgammon. The two players roll one dice and the player with the higher rolls two dice to start play.

Pieces move similarly as backgammon in any case with one extraordinary case. You can’t appear on, an adversary’s checker. Player can move a checker to a vacant position or one as of late involved by you. Unimaginable play is to have your checkers on anything that number focuses as could be expected to consider what is going on to tie your adversary’s progression. Assuming you have six continuous orchestrate involved, your adversary can’t pass. This could accomplish your adversary being not prepared to move and losing a turn. This is a basic piece of the game procedure. Basic! It is limited to obstructing all your enemies’ checkers. Someplace close to one checker ought to have the decision to move.

Player can shift one checker from the head each dice rolls in any case there is one interesting case. For the beginning dice roll, on the off chance that your checker can’t move, then, at that point, you can move a second checker from the head.


There is no copying solid shape in Nard game. Focuses are yielded as follows. Player will  score +1 points for each accomplishment and +2 places for gammon (on the off chance that adversary hasn’t borne off any checkers).

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