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The Summer Issue of Designing at Home

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The changing of the seasons is a perfect time to alter up your home’s style and feel. Why not celebrate the summer sun with some colorful, uplifting decor if you already have starry lights in the windows for the winter holidays? Summer decor has a special beauty all its own. The season’s breezy fabrics, mellow color palettes, natural fibers, and boho influences make it feel as though you’re bringing the sunshine inside. Although it seems that the style is only for the summer, several solutions offered by the Dallas flooring companies are available to include trends in the summer design in your entire year.

Check out the latest interior design concepts that can help you keep your home’s summery vibe throughout the year.

1. Bring On the Blues

If summer had a color, we’re ready to wager it would be a gorgeous blue, the color of brilliant summer skies and sandy beaches. It’s no surprise that this color was chosen as one of the top summer interior design trends for 2021 by the who’s who of interior designers. To give your area that graceful Grecian vibe, use deeper blues as an accent wall in your living room or lighter blue linens and décor pieces coupled with a white backdrop. Pops of brilliant cobalt blue might add a splash of vitality to your decor if you’re a minimalist at heart. As a constant reminder of clear skies and the sun on your skin, include this sunny color into your design.

2. The Minimal Way

This isn’t the first time that minimalism has been used as an interior design trend, and it certainly won’t be the last! Clean lines, seamless structures, and a stunningly simple bungalow house design are a hallmark of minimalism when it initially gained popularity. Minimalism is more than a few empty rooms. More sunshine, natural vegetation, color bursts and other aspects are always incorporated into the structure. Even in the dead of winter, when the sun decides to honor you with her presence, a basic design will ensure that the light shines through, offering you a preview of the summer to come.

3. Keep It Neutral

The beach cottages in summer usually are white, creamy, pastel grey and beige. The thing about neutrals is that they provide a great backdrop for any color scheme you decide to go with as time goes on while still standing on their own. White couches and gauzy drapes never go out of style, and taupe-y tones of grey and beige on your headboard or nightstands work remarkably well. It becomes extremely simple to include a splash of color into your design at any time. Simply change out decorations like throw pillows, blankets, rugs, and vases as your tastes change. Your neutral furniture will serve as a lovely backdrop for those vibrant colors.

4. Making a Statement with Color

This current trend in home design will come back in the summer of 2021. As more individuals opt for a space concept and basic style, their appeal is gradually expanding. It serves as a terrific focus point while also displaying your eccentric tastes. Your visitors would surely feel like they know you a bit better after a visit to your home, and is this not the beauty of interior design?

5. Add More Natural Elements

This is one of the most contemporary trends in summer decor! People have recently been enamored with being plant parents. The pleasure of assisting a plant in its development is immensely rewarding. Greenery, thankfully, is a large component of bohemian design. Adding plants and succulents to your decor can completely transform your space. Unless you wish to stay up with seasons and trends, in which case artificial plants may be better suited to your needs, we recommend going for the real thing. You can easily change out your plants according to the season, and imitation plants are becoming more realistic by the day.

6. Use Breezy Fabrics

Light, breezy fabrics are typically associated with seasons when the windows can be left open, but they can easily be shown all year. Curtains and throw blankets are the easiest method to do this. Choose throw blankets made of a lighter material, such as linen, to give the warmth you need but yet looking casually draped over your couch. Here’s a suggestion. Sheer curtains are always a good choice. They give a room a bright, airy feel, making it appear more large and clutter-free.

7. Opt for Natural Wood

Even if the decoration of a boho is closely related to summer, it may be used all year round. Without the heft and seriousness of darker, richer woods the light tones of these natural materials give beauty. This means you can easily incorporate a minimalist style into your house while maintaining an airy, spacious sense by employing lighter hardwood pieces such as rattan or cane. Because the style incorporates both of the aforementioned trends, it’s simple to keep the same furniture and other decor pieces year after year.

8. Let the Sunshine In

One of the most pleasant features of the summer is the natural light flooding your space. Homes with abundance of natural light are the most important interior design trend for the coming year, according to interior designers all over the world. While having your windows open or using sheer curtains may be difficult if you don’t own the space you live in, you can always optimize the light streaming in by keeping them open. If you do own the room you’re living in, though, choose prominent windows to ensure that your space is always lit by natural light. Large windows help to make the most of light, especially if it is limited during the summer months. When you hire a room to make it feel more appealing, pick lights which replicate natural light. Warm, fuzzy bulbs may mimic the appearance of natural light, making your room feel bright even in the middle of winter.


Consider incorporating some strong colors and patterns into your interiors as the sun shines brighter and the trees become greener. If you’re not frightened of a retro vibe, go for shabby chic or boho chic, which are both cozy and fun while yet remaining classy. Even minor modifications, such as new photo frames or throw cushions, can have a significant impact. You’ll feel rejuvenated and inspired in your house if you follow the best summer interior design trends.

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