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The Great Debate: Movies vs TV

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It’s an age-old debate: are movies better than TV, or is TV better than movies? There’s no easy answer, as both have their unique advantages. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the key differences between movies and TV so that you can decide which one you prefer.

Advantage: Movies – Quality

There’s no denying that movies have better production values than TV shows. Thanks to bigger budgets and longer production schedules, movies can create a more cinematic experience that looks and feels more affluent than most TV shows. Additionally, movies tend to attract bigger-name actors and directors, contributing to their overall quality.

Advantage: TV – Quantity

While movies may have higher production values, TV shows have much more content. A typical movie lasts around 2 hours, while a typical TV show has approximately 20 hours of content spread out over several seasons. Additionally, because there are more episodes in a TV show, the characters tend to be more well-developed than those in movies. As a result, you get a lot more bang for your buck with TV shows.

Advantage: Movies – Variety

Movies come in all sorts of genres, from comedies and dramas to thrillers and horror films. There’s something for everyone at the movie theatre. However, because TV shows typically last for several seasons, they tend to be less varied in terms of genre. That being said, there are definitely some TV shows that offer a good amount of variety (e.g., anthology series like American Horror Story)

Advantage: TV – Accessibility

TV shows are much more accessible than movies. Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, you can watch most TV shows whenever you want, without waiting for them to come on television. Additionally, because they’re released weekly, you don’t have to wait months or even years for the next season of your favourite show.


As you can see, movies and TV have pros and cons. It depends on what you’re looking for and which one is better. Collectively, choices are abundant when it comes to consuming media, so it is always helpful to read reviews and check out what other people are watching. Merch Mates provide some of the latest pop culture news, reviews and guides that can help you sift through the plentiful amount of content in today’s world.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one is better! Movies are probably your best bet if you’re looking for high-quality content with big-name stars. But if you’re looking for a lot of content with well-developed characters, then TV shows are probably what you’re after.

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