Best Possible Ways To Promote Your Music

The Best Possible Ways To Promote Your Music On TikTok

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TikTok has proven to be the world’s fastest-growing social media app in 2019s’as; they have the most massive music success story. The artist Lil Nas X is the 20-year-old college quitter from Atlanta, by which country-trap tune “Old Town Road” turned out to be the longest-running number-one single in the U.S.

Lil Nas X first started advertising the track as a meme on social media, where it’s told to be released via Amuse in December 2018. A few months later, it was bought in the first stream on TikTok within days. Moreover few millions of people were making a video that used the song as a soundtrack to make themselves into cowgirls and cowboys. The hashtag #yeehaw had over 75 million video views linked it with almost all of the sample Old Town Road.

To make it a success, we have gathered the top four different tips for sending your track viral on TikTok. We are starting from collaborating with influencers to ranging the contests and making up the community. You can also use Task Ant for TikTok to get more followers, business and grow your audience

Working with Authenticity:

Authenticity is said to be the primary support for any social media platform approach, yet the Tiktok group holds you to a greater level. Are you going to receive some of the things on the platform, you need to have vivid thoughts about what you stand for and inflexible about your convictions. TikTok needs to be at the superior range of authenticity for your video content or will be rejected by your community. Do try to stress the concepts of likes, followers, views or fans, ticket sales, or streams.

The simple solution is pushing up the creativity and community together that helps to receive plenty of TikTok likes that gives you a strong base to build relationships among your audience to be consistent, be honest to your brand values, and get engaged.

Combine up with Influencers:

Based on social networks, influencers are widespread on TikTok. Depending on the platform’s usual method to content, there’s a wider possibility of the influencers for you to check into from the beauty and fashion, food and comedy, to sports and dance.

Moreover, selecting the right influencer is the most essential, always be pretty sure to have a trusted link between your influencer, song, and the concept. Relevance is more essential than the reach.

  • Methods for Influencer collaboration to enhance your song:
  1. Make your song used as a soundtrack on their video, also co-create a dance routine with your track.
  2. Search for influencers to film it by lip-syncing with your song.
  3. Shoot a surprise duet using TikTok’s duet feature and post it on your channels.
  4. Make it creative and promote a concept for a video meme on your song title or lyrics.

Based on the size of the TikTok influencers’ group, you can become a trendsetter by receiving likes and also reach your audience directly through influencer marketing methods.

Initiate a Challenge:

TikTok challenges are said to be the most famous music marketing plans of 2019, where everyone from Drake and Megan Thee Stallion.

Earlier this year, Alan Walker, DJ, and producer worked on TikTok challenges to advertise the song Different Song were asking their fans to film themselves the part of them and posting it using #DifferentWorld. The best 60 video creators would receive a prize.

To make the challenge hype, he supported up by their musicians like Corsak, Sofia Carson, James McVey of The Vamps, K-391 all posted their private video making a challenge. The campaign went live in January, which got 106m views of videos using the hashtag #DifferentWorld.


  • Ways to promote the TikTok challenges:

  1. Work together with the professional dancers on the platform to begin a dance challenge using a song with the soundtrack. Also, remember to make an official hashtag for the challenge.
  2. Create a social impact study around the name of your song. Make a hashtag with the song’s title and let it increase.

Start a Community:

TikTok users are persistent and compulsive in their thirst for their group. Your strategy needs to be just a single challenge or partnership with an influencer; you should concentrate on making an authentic presence on the platform and a community around your music. If you present yourself in a unique way surely your follower count will increase. People try different ways to increase their audience organically. But some users find it very convenient to buy TikTok followers from Venturebeat or other sources to get rapid success.

Leverage your fanbase to promote your song:

  1. Make your user-generated content campaign: Then request your fans to record a video of themselves lip-syncing or dancing for your song. Award a prize to the best creators, like a greet and backstage meet, signed merch, and gig tickets.
  2. Provide the fans behind-the-scenes access to you and your artist project. Record the creative process behind a new album to be consistent.

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