Best Boys Haircuts

The Best Boys Haircuts To Suit Any Style

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The Coolest Boys Haircuts

Finding the right haircut for boys can seem tricky. At a young age, comfort and manageability are key while allowing room for personalities to shine. The good news is there are many cool boys haircuts options ranging from short back & and sides to messy medium-length cuts.

Haircuts for boys have changed over the generations. Modern cuts create texture, movement, and flow using scissors over clippers. To help find the right style, consider face shape, hair type, and personal style before visiting the barber. Here are some of the trending boys haircuts in 2023.

Coolest Boys Haircuts

1. Faded Haircuts For Boys

The faded haircut is the most popular boy’s style right now. Fades involve closely cropping the hair at the sides and back while leaving length on top. This creates a faded look rather than an abrupt line between long and short. Fades are bold yet low-maintenance. There are many types of fades to consider.

Fade haircuts work on curly, straight, thin, or wavy hair. They are also ideal for taming unruly locks. Pair fades with short to medium-length hair on top for trendy texture and movement.

Faded Haircuts For Boys

2. Pompadour Haircuts

The pompadour is a hot boys cuts trend right now. It involves sweeping the front hair straight off the face into a voluminous pump or pomp at the front hairline. Pompadours create fun height and volume on top. They work with fades, undercuts, even mohawks or mullets.

The pompadour is among the trendiest boys haircuts. This flashy retro style makes a statement and adds flair to any look. Pompadours work with short back and sides or longer locks..

3. Comb Over Haircuts

The combover haircut provides an alternative way to style hair off the face. It involves sweeping the hair neatly to one side. This creates a sophisticated side-part look with nice volume and flow. Comb overs work on curly, thick, or straight hair with good length to sweep across.

For best results, style combovers with a pre-styling spray. This will provide a grip to sweep hair sideways and hold all day. Finish with light hold pomade, wax, or gel styling product. Finger comb to allow flexibility and movement.

4. Crop Haircuts

The cropped haircut offers a short and sweet boy’s style. As the name suggests, it involves clipping the hair very short for minimal maintenance. Crops are ideal for boys with straight, wavy, or curly hair types. You can style them messy, spiky, or swept to one side.

Crops are fantastic, low-maintenance hairstyles for active boys. Style with matt wax or texturizing cream. Re-style by finger combing for flexible hold. Cropped cuts also grow out easily into short backs & and sides, fades, or brush-ups.

5. Classic Short Back & Sides

The classic short back & and sides remain an iconic boy’s cut. It’s stood the test of time with its smart yet easygoing aesthetic. This style keeps hair long enough to style on top while cropping the back and sides short. It allows for playful height, flow, and movement up top.

The short back & sides beautifully accommodate straight, curly, fine, or thick hair. Style the top with pomades, waxes, gels, or creams depending on your desired finish – from loose waves to firm hold. This timeless cut transitions well as boys’ hair grows out.

6. Brushed Up Hair

Brushed-up hair takes cropped cuts to spiky new heights. It adds vertical volume by brushing the top hair straight up. This fans the hair into fun peaks. Brush-ups work nicely on thicker, straight hair with rounded tops. Style with strong hold gel or hair wax.

Brush-up styles pair well with fades or tapered back/sides. They bring out boys’ bold side. Yet, it also injects playfulness into any look. Shave a line through one side of the brushed-up hair for added edge.

Brushed Up Hair

7. Curly Haircuts

Curly-haired boys need specialized haircuts to enhance their texture. The key is keeping their tight ringlets or loose waves well-shaped and defined. Professional barbers offer the best curly boy haircuts. Or learn techniques like twist cutting to maximize bounce, volume, and flow at home.

The cardinal rule of curly hair is not to overwash with harsh shampoos or overbrush. Apply anti-frizz serum or curl cream and gently distribute it through curls.

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