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Syko Bob, hailing from Broward County, Florida, is thought to have been born on October 29, 1993. This birthdate places him at 29 years old, with a life story that has unfolded in the world of rap, filled with unique twists and turns. His experiences and music career have garnered attention not only for his talent but also for the intriguing chapters that have shaped his journey thus far.

SykoBob is an up-and-coming American rap artist, who gained recognition for his distinctive approach to the rap scene. His exceptional talent caught the attention of the renowned emcee, Kodak Black, leading to a record label signing.

Regrettably, SykoBob has found himself entangled in legal troubles related to drug and firearm offenses. SykoBob’s journey continues to captivate and concern both his fans and observers alike.

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Syko Bob Real NameCambrell Smart
Nick NameSyko Bob
Born (Date of Birth)29th October 1993
Age (as of 2023)29 years
BirthplaceBroward County, Florida
Zodiac SignScorpio
HometownBroward County, Florida
MotherDorothy Dee Dee Smart


Syko Bob is from Broward County, Florida. The popular Kodak Black artist was born on October 29, 1993. According to the year, SykoBob is presently 29 years old.

Physical Stats

Eye ColourN/A
Hair ColourN/A


Syko Bob Age29 years


Syko Bob WeightN/A
Weight in PoundsN/A


Syko Bob Height5 ft 7 in
Height in centimeter173.73
Height in Meter1.73


SykoBob’s educational journey commenced within the confines of his home, where he laid the groundwork for his academic development. After completing his pre-school education, he was admitted to another school to complete higher secondary education. After that, he completed his graduation from a local college.

Additionally, he successfully obtained a university diploma, broadening his academic horizons. Throughout his educational pursuits, he encountered pivotal experiences that would go on to shape his future significantly. SykoBob boasts an extensive repertoire of degrees garnered from a variety of esteemed colleges and universities, underscoring his commitment to continuous learning and personal growth.


Marital Status

SykoBob, the artist associated with Kodak Black, is not currently married and does not have a wife. Furthermore, there is no public information available regarding his relationship status, and he has not disclosed any details about being in a romantic relationship.

Marital StatusUnmarried

Social Media

KulFiySyko Bob


Syko Bob Songs

Dania Park2019
Play U Lay2019
To the Money2019
Chill Lil Buddy2019
1st Day Out2019
Late Night2019
That Issue2019
Ride Wit Me2019
Letter to Kodak2020
Rock Out2020
Not the Season2020
You Got Me Fucked Up2020
Broward To Tampa2021
On da Boat2021
Switch Sides2021
Monsta Shit2021
Pill Dick2021
So Many Years2021
Monsta Bitch2021
Leave Him Right Na2021
Step Daddy2022
Monkey See2022
Sumthin To Believe2022
My Brothers2022
My Lil Shit2023
I Love2023

Early Life

SykoBob hails from the United States, born into a family where financial prosperity was not abundant. His parents faced challenging circumstances during the crucial early years of his life, making it a priority to provide for their child’s education. As a result, SykoBob had to navigate a path towards securing his future.

In pursuit of higher education, he later relocated to another city, demonstrating his dedication to self-improvement and personal growth. Throughout their childhood, SykoBob and his siblings forged strong bonds that have remained unbreakable, enduring to the present day. SykoBob’s marital commitment has been a constant in his life, well-known to those who follow his journey. Yet, it is worth noting that only a select few of his offspring are widely recognized by his surname, adding an element of privacy to his family life.


In March 2023, SykoBob found himself facing a five-year prison term for his involvement in a gun possession case. having previously pleaded guilty to the offense in December of the preceding year.


Syko Bob HouseBroward County, Florida

Net Worth

Sykobob has established a significant net worth primarily through its prominence as an Instagram Star. His financial success further stems from diverse income streams, encompassing earnings from TV commercials, sponsorships, and serving as a brand ambassador for renowned companies. The details of Sykobob’s net worth are presently under scrutiny, and a comprehensive update will follow upon completion. Nevertheless, based on our preliminary analysis, Sykobob’s estimated net worth is substantial, amounting to millions of dollars.

Net Worth 202013 million
Net Worth 202113.5 million
Net Worth 202214 million
Syko Bob Net Worth 202314.5 million

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Syko Bob locked up?

Ans: Syko Bob, the artist under Kodak Black’s label, has received a five-year prison sentence due to his conviction on charges related to gun possession.

Who is syko bob?

Ans: Syko Bob is a rapper affiliated with Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang collective. His journey to recognition began with a notable feature on Kodak’s “Righteous Reapers.” However, it’s worth noting that Syko Bob had been actively producing and releasing music even before this breakthrough moment.

Where is Syko bob from?

Ans: Syko Bob is from Florida.

How old is Syko Bob?

Ans: Syko Bob is currently 29 years old.

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