Surfing Accessories You Need in 2023

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Do you love spending weekends out on the waves? If so, you need to make sure that you have all of the right accessories for your surfing adventures. The right gear can make a huge difference in your experience, and with the latest advances in technology, there are some incredible items that you should keep an eye out for in 2023.


For those who have been ignoring the need for sunscreen on their surfing trips, 2023 is the year to make sure you’re protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunscreen is an essential item for every surfer, regardless of the waves you’re catching. Make sure to look for a sunscreen that has a high SPF rating, as well as one that is water-resistant.

Surfboard Fins

The fins on your surfboard can make a huge difference in your performance, especially for beginners. Fins help to control the movement of your board and can enable you to catch larger waves or take sharper turns. This year, make sure to choose fins that are designed for your particular riding style and the conditions you’ll be surfing in.

Surfing Wetsuits

Be sure to choose a wetsuit that fits your body properly and provides the right level of insulation. These days, many surfers are choosing wet suits with specific features such as neoprene panels that reduce drag and improve flexibility. Wet suits with a combination of materials are also popular, allowing more freedom of movement while providing greater protection from the elements. If you haven’t upgraded your wetsuit in a while, this is the perfect time to do so.

Surfboard Bags and Covers

Furthermore, you will need a good surfboard bag or cover to protect your board while in transit. Investing in a durable and well-made surfboard bag not only keeps your board safe from scratches and dings but also safeguards it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Surfboard bags also provide a convenient way to transport your board, as they can be rolled up and carried on your back.

Floating Sunglasses

Have you ever lost your sunglasses in the ocean while surfing? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Surfer glasses from Lip Sunglasses are designed to stay afloat and can be easily retrieved when needed. The lenses of these sunglasses also often feature ultraviolet protection to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful rays. If your sunglasses fall off, you won’t have to worry about them sinking into the depths of the ocean and trying to recover them before they sink too far like a challenge on a strange TV show.

Surf Wax

As the name suggests, surf wax is a product used to help you keep your grip on the board while surfing. It provides traction so that you’re not slipping off the board and makes it easier to turn and control your movements. With changing ocean temperatures, you’ll need different types of wax depending on the weather and water temperature.


A surf leash is a must-have for anybody who wants to take their surfing to the next level. It’s a cord that attaches from your board to your ankle, preventing you from losing it in the surf. With the ever-changing ocean conditions and the possibility of bigger waves, having a leash will make your life much easier as you take on new challenges in 2023.

With all these accessories, you’ll be ready to tackle any wave that comes your way. Be sure to check out the latest and greatest surfing accessories to upgrade your experience in 2023!

Surf Helmet

A surf helmet is a protective headgear designed for surfers to reduce the risk of head injuries while participating in the sport.


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