Stock Android Vs Custom UI which is best?

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Stock Android Vs Custom UI which is best?

More than 70 % of smartphones users are using Android Operating System in their smartphones. People are using Android Smartphones in a daily basis but did they know or did you know? whether they are using custom android or stock android? In their Android Smartphones.

Nowadays, in Android Platform we can see a variety of options for choosing android software. Some prefer stock android, some prefer android one, android go and some prefer custom android. But nowadays it is found that people are focusing in custom android or custom ui OS in their android smartphones. So, here we are going to explain all about stock android & custom android, differences between them, features & advantages of stock android & custom android.

Stock Android

Stock Android is a pure android operating system. Stock android is that android OS where no any bloatware’s are found. Stock android is a neat, clean and pure android OS, basically used in Google pixel & Nexus smartphones. It is a pure and genuine form of Android where no any third-party software is found. If we talk about the advantages of stock android then we can get a clean & smooth user-interface, simple & easy to use than custom ui etc. In other hand stock android have some disadvantages also. Like no regular updates in mid-range smartphones. Mobile running stock android so from mid-range or mid budget phones doesn’t get a regular android updates as compared to flagship phones. If you want to get regular updates in your android device in budget phones then you can choose Android One or Android GO. Normally, stock android OS are found in flagship smartphones due to it, it is less hope to see stock android in mid-range and low budget smartphones. Not availability of additional app features is also the disadvantages of using stock android. As compared to custom ui we can’t get extra apps like screen recorder, compass, code scanner etc. as system apps.

Custom UI

Custom UI is a customized or edited android OS made my modifying stock android. Custom UI is also called as Custom Android because it is a customized version from Android Operating System. We can see different companies like Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Asus and other some companies are using custom ui in their android smartphones. Nowadays, many mobiles making company are focusing to launch their Android smartphones in custom ui rather than stock android. The main reason behind it is to provide additional features and more user experience to the users. If we explain about Xiaomi Smartphones then it uses MIUI as custom ui. In Xiaomi smartphones basically we can find out two series, Redmi & Mi. We can find some difference between mi and redmi series of Xiaomi.

In custom ui we can get a lot of features like customization, app features, user experience and many more. In customization features you can customize our smartphones by changing the different themes, app icons, fonts, live wallpaper, animation effects and many more. Customization features are found more in custom ui in comparison to stock android. We can get different app features which we don’t get in stock android as system apps like screen reorder, compass, Wi-Fi & QR code scanner etc.

As like stock android it has also some limitations like non regular updates & difficult to use. There is less chance of getting newer android version updates in custom ui as compared to stock android. In custom ui smartphones get custom version updates like Redmi Note 8 Pro having MIUI 10 will get Updates of MIUI 11 but less chance to get Android 10 From Android 9. MIUI, EMUI, One UI, Oxygen OS, Zen UI etc. are the examples of custom ui.

Which is Best, Stock Android or Custom UI?

Stock android is a clean Android operating system where you can get a clean, smooth and normal user interface to use but in Custom UI you can get more customizing features, additional app features to use. Stock android have fewer customizing features as compared to custom ui. In custom ui you can’t get regular android version updates but as compared to custom ui, you can get android updates frequently. Stock Android is used in flagship smartphones but custom ui is used in from budget phone to flagship level.

At all custom ui may be the best & best choice of many smartphone users because this is the age of fashion and passion. So, most of the people love customization and additional app features which is found in Custom UI.

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