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SpankBank LyricsSpankBank Lyrics Song is an English song sung by Goldfinger from the album Open Your EyesSpank Bank Lyrics Song Track Number 11 is written by John Feldmann.

Goldfinger SpankBank Lyrics Details

SongSpank Bank
AlbumOpen Your Eyes
WriterJohn Feldmann
CategoryEnglish Song Lyrics

Spank Bank Lyrics

Goldfinger Spank Bank Lyrics

I never felt as sick as I do now
I never felt so alone
The walls around confine me like a cell
And so I feel like a dirty old man

I gotta break away from
Escape away from
Just make way out of this place
I try to break away from it
Escape away from it
Make way right outta this place

But my feet are stuck
And my half a buck
Is wasted on this machine
And I’m never coming back

To the spank bank of lust
Gay, straight, bi-curious
Just makes me furious
Spank bank of lust
32 Channels
I don’t wanna see a
She-male fucking

We’ll maybe I do

Spank Bank Goldfinger Lyrics

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Who wrote the “Spank Bank” lyrics?

“Spank Bank” lyrics were written by John Feldmann.

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