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Smartphone Explosion: Reasons behind explosion and Precautions to be Taken to avoid disaster

Smartphones are being used by 9 out of 10 people in the world. This is one of the most used gadgets nowadays. But using it for to much time can cause harm to the user. Every one of us has heard about smartphones exploding in recent times. Be it the Note 7 by Samsung (which had the maximum numbers of exploding phones due to some miss match in designs of battery and body of the phone) or other phones like Xiaomi, Motorola, Nokia etc. Even iPhones have been in the list of exploding phones.
It actually depends on the usage of the device. And the part that explodes in the smartphone is the battery of the phone. And we should look after the batteries of the phone as this is the most sensitive part of the phone and it also starts degrading sooner than other parts of the phone. Here we’ll discuss the actions you are taking the wrong (if doing) while using your phone and also the actions to be taken for better battery life.

Charging out of the boundary : 

Most of the explosions happen during the charging process of the phone. So we have to keep an eye every time how the phone is being charged. Here are some actions you should and shouldn’t take while charging your phone:-
i) Don’t use your phone while charging. As the battery of any smartphone generates heat (more or less) while charging. And while you are using it for heavy tasks like gaming and others then you are forcing the battery to perform both charging and discharging at the same time. Yes, of course, you can take call or text someone while charging but don’t do heavy tasks like gaming or surfing the internet or edit/play videos.
ii) Avoid overcharging your phone. Yes, phones nowadays come with technology that is smart enough to discontinue charging when the battery is full. But charging for more than necessary can harm your battery silently over the years. After 18-20 months you can face battery drainage issue. And also this is one of the reasons for the explosion of the battery.

Avoid Shocks and pressure :

While using the phone sometimes it falls down from our hands on the ground. Or sometimes we sit on it not noticing it is kept their or while we keep it in the pocket placed in the backside. Well, the little actions create pressure on the phone and the battery here dislocated from the actual position. It may cause a short circuit in the battery and explosion of it.

Avoid using cheap third party accessories :

Someone smartphone users don’t want to spend much on the smartphone accessories and to for cheap, local accessories, which are low in quality, to save some money. Without knowing that it can city their life also that use cheap quality adapters or charging cables. This also can explode the battery as the lower quality cables or chargers are not tested for normal usage and can harm the phone and even the user by electric shock. So always spend some extra money and buy a reliable product to charge your smartphones.

Give the smartphone time to rest :

Many of us use our phones for the whole day without stopping. And when the battery goes down we put it to charge. After enough charging, we continue the usage of our phone and this process goes on for several days. This actually is not good for the health of the battery. You must give the phone some time to rest. Keep the phone on idle (neither using not charging) mode. Yes, we have to keep it like that in the night but that’s not enough. Using the phone for 18 hours then given a rest of 6 hours doesn’t justify it. You can use it for 4 hours continue but then you have to keep in idle mode at least for half an hour. This will strengthen the battery and will slow the degradation process.

Keep the battery always in limit :

Just like over-charged, over drainage can also break the battery. As experts always have the advice to keep the percentage of the battery between 20-90 percent. That means don’t discharge the phone under 20% and also don’t charge it to above 90% every time. Yes, you can do it once a week but not frequently.

Calibrate the battery :

The battery calibration helps the battery to live for longer times. As time goes battery charging-discharging cycle increases and reaches its maximum point. But calibrating the battery once a month will help battery to go safer and longer. To calibrate the battery you can download any app from app stores that can perform the process or follow these steps:-

“First use the phone to 0%, until it turns itself off. Then switch it on again and let it switch off again. After that charge the phone to 100% without any interruption or even switching it on.”
This completes the battery calibration process. But keep in mind, using the process frequently can also harm the battery. Only after one or two months is enough.

After all of these process, 1% still remains on luck. That we have to accept. A good running battery also can explode and harm its user. So always keep doing good works to use the luck when needed and keep your eyes on the devices as “precaution is always better than cure”.

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