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Smart ROI: Integrating High-Tech Features into Your Renovation

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Integrating smart features in your home isn’t just about reducing your environmental impact – although that’s certainly a benefit. They’re also a fantastic financial opportunity.

Not only do smart renovations save you money on your monthly utility bills — savings that already represent an impressive return on investment— but they also have substantial resale value, thanks to an ever-growing segment of the real estate buying population demanding smart features.

In this blog post, let’s explore a few popular smart home renovations you can make to save money and boost your home’s resale value. When you’re ready to sell, connect with the best real estate companies in your area, like Harvey Kalles Real Estate, to market your new smart home for maximum ROI.

What Are “Smart” Home Features?

Before delving into specifics, let’s unpack what exactly “smart” home features are. No, we aren’t referring to appliances that speak, or self-making beds (although that would be nice). Smart home features refer to appliances, systems and devices equipped with some sort of efficiency-controlling technology.

This might include Bluetooth connectivity or IoT-enabled devices that allow you to manage your home features remotely. It might include AI automation technology that adjusts your home’s settings to ideal levels. Or it could include devices that leverage motion sensors and timers to save energy.

Popular Smart Home Renovations

Ready to kick your home into the future? Here are some popular smart home features to consider for your next renovation:

Smart Lighting: Smart lighting systems allow you to control your home’s bulbs via your smartphone, or pre-set their schedules automatically. They allow you adjust the brightness, change the colours, establish motions sensors, and more – all remotely. These devices save money on utility bills, increase home security, and – let’s be honest – make a home look cool.

Smart Thermostats: Smart thermostats like the Google Nest, Ecobee and Mysa allow you to dial in your home’s temperature to a comfortable level without fiddling with a manual device. Often featuring voice-command tech, remote sensors, AI-driven temperature optimization, etc., these devices bypass the inefficiencies in typical thermostat systems to conserve energy, save money, and keep you comfy.

Automated Window Treatments: Essentially, smart window treatments open and close automatically according to pre-set schedules or environmental conditions. You can also remotely open or close them from your phone. By allowing or minimizing natural light and air flow, they help regulate your home’s temperature and RH.

Smart Appliances: These days, pretty much every home appliance has a “smart” version—fridges, ovens, washers/dryers, coffee makers, and so on. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, look into replacing your old appliances with these updated, wi-fi-connected, smartphone-controlled, energy-optimizing appliances. And if you’re updating your bathroom, consider low-flow appliances; while not strictly “smart,” they feature similar energy efficiency and cost savings.

When homebuyers integrate these high-tech features into their homes, they see their utility bills decrease while their resale value ascends. In the world of home renovations, that’s the closest thing to a win-win there is! When it’s time to sell, partner with experienced real estate agents who can market your home to the right audience.

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