Should I buy regular or feminized seeds?

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Doing your first steps in marijuana cultivation, you should be prepared to get acquainted with basic terms. If you ever tried to buy pot seeds, you definitely noticed, that they are available in different categories, and asked yourself: which is better? Most companies sell exclusively feminized seeds and proclaim it as the only way to get top-quality marijuana. However, both types, feminized or regular, have certain pros and cons, depending on your purposes.

What’s the Difference Between Regular and Feminized Seeds?

Regular seeds are completely pure and natural and produce both female and male cannabis plants. Planting these seeds you never know exactly what percentage of male and female plants will grow. If your purpose is just to harvest smokeable buds, you’ll have to destroy male plants. So growers use this type of seeds for breeding and creating new hybrids.

Feminized seeds, thanks to the special agronomic technique, produce 99% female plants. By planting these seeds you can get unfertilized female flowers with the highest level of THC. It saves much time and resources, as you don’t need to separate plants of different sexes to avoid flowers’ fertilization.

So what to pick?

As you see, the decision to buy regular or feminized seeds completely depends on your goals, expectations, and experience.

Feminized seeds are preferable for beginners, because:

  • have an elite origin from clones with extra weed quality;
  • guarantee an expected result;
  • make the growing process less complicated.

If you have time and desire to learn more and deep into breeding, opt for regulars:

  • they have purer genetics for creating new seeds and healthy clones;
  • using male plants, you can create a pollen bank;
  • regular seeds do not need genetic intervention and chemical agents for their creation.

Both types of marijuana seeds have their own pluses and minuses, so the choice is especially yours.

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