The Top SEO Trends To Pay Attention In 2020

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2019 offered great opportunities to Search Engine Marketers. At the same time, Google made several changes in SEO techniques for improvised user experience. Recently, Google updated algorithm, voice search strategy is improvised, and many more changes occurred in order to satisfy users.

Though some things remain the same as it is. But several other things get modified. In fact, these SEO methods, and the strategy changes will continue changing every year. Because the SEO platform is very dynamic. These all factors are responsible to determine SEO trends for 2020. So, let’s see the top SEO trends to pay attention in 2020.

Zero click searches

To provide user satisfaction and great experience of search engines, google converted many searches into ‘Zero-click searches.’ Thus, users’ questions can be answered on the SERP itself. In fact, they do not need to click anywhere. It means Google is focusing on providing all the necessary information that the user wants directly into search results.

Therefore, if someone is searching for some organization, then the contact number, email-id, or address will be directly appearing into the search result. So, users can get the information quickly without even clicking the site or switching the site.

Local Packs

Generally, the zero-click searches focus mainly on local searches. Because for local searches, search results are mention on the SERP. It can be called as local packs. One local pack can take the same space as required for the entire SERP shown in the search result. Google My Business can be used for that purpose. Thus, it is becoming important for local businesses than having a website.


E for Expertise, A for Authoritativeness, and T for Trustworthiness.

This year, Google will focus strictly on the overall reputation and E-A-T of any website or company. Also, Google will look at the E-A-T of person who publishes a post for the website or company. Thus, 2020 will be tough for the websites and companies that are struggling with a deprived reputation. So, in 2020 to rank in SEO, first build the reputation and trust among the users.

Therefore, SEO marketers need to focus on quality content and avoiding fake news.

Voice Search Strategy

The increasing popularity and future perspective of AI are responsible for the emergence of Voice search in SEO. Also, the numerous communicable devices like Google Home, Siri, Alexa used voice search.

Users picking these devices in large numbers. Also, Google focusing on the functionality improvements of Google Assistance. Thus, to improve user experience, Voice search is the latest and rising SEO trend in 2020.

BERT optimization

Last year, Google launched a BERT algorithm to enable the best user experience. Since then every SEO marketer is eager to learn the BERT optimization. In fact, in 2020 it got more attention. BERT algorithm analyses the search structure to understand the content that uses keywords.

Basically, BERT optimization will help the user by avoiding the landing of keyword-stuffed webpages in their search results. So, to rank top in SEO, SEO professionals need to focus on clean and quality content.

Featured Video

Until now, the featured image was more powerful to determine the SEO rank. However, 4G, 5G providing faster cell phone networks. Thus, mobile phones can support streaming videos. In fact, dwell time your page is one of the SEO factors.

Video has become increasingly useful in the last few years So, in 2020 and upcoming years the featured video can be a great way to engage users. With videos, you can deliver your message directly and efficiently.

Mobile SEO

Yes, Mobile SEO is the latest SEO trend in 2020. In fact, it’s not the first time for Mobile SEO to be a trending SEO factor. In 2017, Mobile SEO emerged. But it will continue this year too. Thus, a mobile-friendly site is key to rank top on the search engine.

Bottom Line

SEO is very dynamic in nature. Obviously, some SEO factors like keyword, are the same and will remain as it is in upcoming years. But many other things change with time and technology advancement.

For example, the changes in Local SEO trends. Thus, here all top SEO trends of 2020 are mentioned that help your website to rank on the search engine.


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