Top Ways to Save and Stay in Style

Save on the Essentials: Top Ways to Save and Stay in Style in 2023

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Fashion is self-expression. It’s how we turn out bodies into works of art that display our interests, style, and even certain elements of our personality. It’s also incredibly fluid, allowing you to show the world who you feel like on that day. It’s a tool of creativity, but it can also be an expensive hobby. The good news is that there’s no reason to sacrifice style, even when you’re on a strict budget. Instead, use these top tips to save while staying in style in 2023:

  • Invest in the Basics (and Save)

The items you’ll wear regularly need to be able to withstand the test of time. This is particularly true of supportive pieces like underwear. A quality, supportive bra that looks great and relieves pressure and pain in your back and shoulders is worth its weight in gold. That being said, there’s no reason to pay more than you absolutely have to. Aside from waiting for sales (which can be tricky if your size tends to get sold out quickly), you also have coupons and discount codes. You can save today, for example, by using this onehanesplace promo code. Not only will you save, but using that code actually helps the ACS, making it a double-win.

  • Try Items On In Store, Then Wait

When shopping, take a two-part mindset. Try the item on in-store, see how it fits, and if you want to buy it but don’t need it, take a photo of the item and the tag. Find it online while you’re there, and then set up a price drop alert, so you know the moment it goes on sale. This way, you know exactly what size to buy and can shop smarter without getting caught up in the appeal of a good sale price.

This is also a great way to stop impulse shopping. If in the time where you’re waiting for the item to go on sale, you lose interest, then don’t buy it.

  • Be Creative With What You Have

Outfit combinations are the best way to be creative and showcase your style. You don’t need a new top to highlight how you feel that day; you do, however, need to be creative about it. When you have the time, go through your wardrobe and try on pieces in new ways. Challenge yourself. Be bold about it. Sometimes wearing a combination of items you would never have expected is just what your style needs.

  • Shop Vintage, Swap, and Borrow

Shopping vintage and second-hand is always a great way to save on style, but you do need to be careful. A lot of the time, items today are priced way too high. You’ll find modern pieces that are for sale second-hand at higher prices than the sale. Vintage pieces now fetch a premium price. You need to be very dedicated to finding great pieces at a great price. You’re better off swapping clothes you’d have otherwise donated or start borrowing pieces from friends.

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