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Salesforce is among the most flexible and effective SaaS platforms that are available. It is already being used by over 170,000 organizations and 17,000 non-profit organizations. Salesforce Connectors allow data synchronization and automatization of business processes among and third-party ERP systems, marketing automation, billing, and social applications, either on-premises or cloud.

LDAP connectors:

Its Anypoint LDAP connector allows you to connect to an LDAP server and access and manage directory information services via the Internet. Utilizing this Connector MuleSoft Anypoint LDAP connector will enable you to quickly and easily access many directory services. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an application protocol that permits users to access and manage various LDAP-based systems and execute operations tasks. The Anypoint LDAP connector allows users to effortlessly interact with systems and applications that utilize an LDAP protocol to retrieve information like groups and accounts and accomplish operations like binding to, search, lookup, edit, add, delete, and much more. Typical applications that use the Anypoint LDAP connector include data synchronization across multiple LDAP databases and the integration of tables for users into the form of an SSO.

Connector Slack:

Slack Connector lets businesses join directly with Slack’s API. Slack API, allowing users easy access to Slack capabilities. Companies can utilize this Connector to create instant connectivity to popular mobile, cooperation, and social apps, which will enable them to improve the interoperability of their business processes and integrate them. Slack Connector is a straightforward and quick method to combine your team’s chat.

Connector for Microsoft SharePoint 2013:

Utilizing the MuleSoft Anypoint SharePoint connector, you can enhance your company’s capabilities by creating cross-departmental collaboration. MuleSoft Anypoint Platform’s Microsoft SharePoint connector provides instant access to SharePoint 2013 on-premises and SharePoint 2013 on-premises and SharePoint Online APIs. This allows developers to develop extensions and create customized solutions. Get your MuleSoft certification today and become certified.

Connector to Workday:

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Workday connector will take your Workday human capital management system (HCM) and financials to the next step. The Workday connector allows businesses to expand the capabilities of Workday and enable seamless integration with third-party SaaS systems, applications, and other services essential to a “best of class” human resources system that includes recruiting, HR, Payroll benefits, etc. Connect to critical applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Taleo, ADP, NetSuite, and Salesforce by using a variety of Workday APIs such as Workday Payroll Time Tracking, Procurement, and expense management.

Atlassian JIRA REST Connector’s Atlassian JIRA Connector lets us efficiently and quickly manage JIRA and new SaaS and on-premises software. This Atlassian JIRA Connector allows organizations to collect details and perform tasks in conjunction with JIRA and third-party collaboration, communications, and mobile technologies like GitHub, Clarizen, Salesforce, and

Oracle Siebel connector:

Improve Oracle’s Siebel CRM using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Siebel connector, which allows you to connect Siebel with other third-party apps and databases, services, and applications. Siebel is among the most extensive CRM systems and gives businesses the tools to maximize their growth. Companies can expand the functionality of their CRM by using Siebel with MuleSoft Anypoint, which is the MuleSoft Anypoint Connector for Siebel. Check out this MuleSoft tutorial to learn more today.

ServiceNow connector:

Through MuleSoft’s Anypoint ServiceNow connector, you will be able to improve how you manage your IT infrastructure by linking ServiceNow to a range of systems, applications, and services on-premises or within the cloud. ServiceNow is a cloud-connected IT service management tool that revolutionizes enterprise IT by automating IT service relations to establish a central information system record. The Anypoint ServiceNow connector requires businesses to sync ServiceNow data and extend ITSM capabilities to SaaS and on-premises software like Salesforce, SAP, Workday, and Dynamics, aiding with data migration and integration authentication as well as centralization.

Zendesk Connector:

Through this MuleSoft Anypoint Zendesk connector, you can boost support and enhance the capabilities of the helpdesk system by linking Zendesk to Third-party SaaS apps and services. Zendesk provides specialized customer support operating systems that consolidate interactions between customers via various channels, including phones, web, email, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. They convert these to helpdesk tickets, which simplify the customer experience and facilitate companies’ management of customer relationships (CRM).

Connector Redis:

MuleSoft’s developer community has created Redis Connector Community Connectors. MuleSoft does not make any commitment to support Community Connectors. Visit the connector forum or contact MuleSoft Professional Services or an authorized MuleSoft Partner for assistance with Community Connectors.

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