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Rythem LyricsRythem Lyrics Song is an English song sung by Harmonia from the album Naruto – Original Soundtrack IIRythe’m Lyrics Song Track Number 3 is written by Rythe’m.

Harmonia Rythem Lyrics Details

AlbumNaruto – Original Soundtrack II
CategoryEnglish Song Lyrics

Rythem Lyrics

Harmonia Rythem Lyrics English

ねぇ 聞こえますか?

空は 果てしなく 青く澄んでいて
海は 限りなく 広大でいて
君は いつまでも 笑顔でいて
じゃないと 泣いちゃうから

もう いいんだよ
この手の中には みんなが いるから

泣きたくなって 逃げたくなって
光が生まれ 闇が生まれた
ハルモニア 感じてテレパシー

ねぇ 聞こえますか?

雲は 白く浮かび たそがれていて
雨は 黒く今も 泣いているわけじゃない
君も 見上げれば気づく 1つの直線
いつしか 心 ハレルヤ

変わらない歌を 探している
あぁ ミソサザイ

寂しくなって 孤独の淵に
うもれてるなら今 目を閉じて

離れてたって みんな同じ大地(ばしょ)
宿り木の下(もと) ハルモニア 感じてテレパシー
ねぇ 聞こえますか?

夢見る人へ 願いをこめて

光が生まれ 闇が生まれた
二つは一つ ハルモニア 最後のテレパシー

ねぇ 聞こえますか?

Harmonia Rythem Lyrics English

Hey, can you hear me?

The sky is endlessly blue and clear
The sea is infinitely vast
you will always be smiling
Otherwise I’ll cry

without having to look around
It’s okay now
Because everyone is in these hands

I want to cry, I want to run away
If you forget happiness
Everyone sing
Light was born and darkness was born
two is one
Harmonia feel telepathy

Hey, can you hear me?

The clouds are white and twilight
The rain is black and I’m not crying even now
If you look up, you too will notice a straight line
Before you know it, your heart will hallelujah

I’m looking for a song that won’t change
Ah wren
Connected by invisible threads
You can see it, right?

I get lonely and fall into the depths of loneliness
If you’re drowning, close your eyes now
Everyone sing

Even if we’re far apart, we’re all on the same land
Under the tree, feel the harmonia and telepathy
Hey, can you hear me?

Na, na, na, na, na, na

To those who dream, make a wish
To deliver happiness anywhere
Everyone laugh

If you forget happiness
Everyone sing
Light was born and darkness was born
Two are one, harmonia, the last telepathy

Hey, can you hear me?

Harmonia Rythem Lyrics

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Who wrote the “Harmonia Rythem” lyrics?

“Harmonia Rythe’m” lyrics were written by Rythe’m.

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