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Review Of The Bonus System Of Pin Up Online Casino India

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Gambling online means that players get special bonuses for playing. Gamblers enjoy receiving special treatment and appealing promotions on websites like Pin Up online casino because they get a chance to gamble for longer periods thanks to additional cash. Check out this review to learn about Pin Up casino bonuses.

Play And Win With Pin Up Casino Bonuses in India

The official Pin Up online website has several promotions for gamblers. Some of them include:

  • A welcome bonus of 120% and 250 free spins. This bonus guarantees up to 25,000 INR if players manage to deposit within the first hour after registration, and a 100% match if they deposit after the first hour.
  • Cashback. Players get weekly cashback on their losses each Monday. They can get up to 10% of their losses back.
  • Birthday present. Players get 800 INR on their special day.

Pin Up refreshes special offers on the official website so that players can get bonuses.

One of the biggest benefits of the Pin Up casino website is its loyalty program, Pincoins. The program relies on players completing various tasks to earn Pincoins (PNC).

Earning points leads to increasing a personal level. Players can get coins for such tasks as gambling for real money, verifying an account, etc. The more coins you get, the higher the level. Each level offers a different exchange rate to convert PNC into INR. These are the levels and requirements to reach them:

  • Beginner. Players need to earn 200 PNC to get to this level. It offers an exchange rate of 10:1 with a wagering requirement of x60.
  • Amateur. Moving up to the Amateur tier, players need 1000 PNC. The exchange rate here is 9:1 with the same wagering requirement as the previous level.
  • Experienced. Advancing to the Experienced level requires gamblers to earn 2000 PNC. The exchange rate is 8:1, and the wagering requirement remains at x60.
  • Expert. Gamblers must reach 3500 PNC to get a 7:1 exchange rate and a wagering requirement x60.
  • Master. When players earn 5000 PNC, they get the exchange rate of 6:1 and a x60 wagering requirement.
  • Thrill Seeker. Once players reach 10,000 PNC, things get much better because the wagering requirement improves, and now it’s x50. The exchange rate is even better at 5:1.
  • Fortune’s Favourite. Players reach this level once they collect 15,000 PNC. The exchange rate is 4:1, and the wagering requirement remains at x50.
  • Good Luck Catcher. Once a player accumulates 20,000 PNC, you get an exchange rate of 3:1, while the wagering requirement stays at x50.
  • Gambling Lord. This is the ultimate price for a player’s hard work because reaching 25,000 PNC means a fantastic exchange rate of 2:1 and the wagering requirement of x40.

Suppose you reach Expert level with an exchange rate of 7:1. You can get 500 INR by exchanging your 3,500 Pincoins (3,500 PNC / 7).

Conclusion About Pin Up Casino Platform India

Pin Up casino India is a platform with numerous games and bonus offers that enable players to prolong their games and win better rewards. The casino offers loyalty programs and valuable bonuses that improve the gambling experience. If you have long dreamed of diving into new gambling sensations, maybe Pin Up will offer you what you are looking for.


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