Aesthetic Nose Pins 

Revamp Your Personal Style With Aesthetic Nose Pins 

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People have always said that fashion trends go around in circles, and some trends resurface after some decades. Holding true to this idea is the return of the aesthetic and stylish nose pins that have taken the world by the storm.

Adorning your face with a precious nose pin is all the rage right now and everyone is hopping on this trend. Are you? If you feel like embracing your fun and youthful side with a nose pin is the way to go right now then you should get one for yourself at Mia by Tanishq today!

Mia has a super extensive range of nose pins ranging from the classic and traditional ones to the sleek and modern designs that the Gen-Z kids are seen donning. Selecting a nose pin based on your personal style is a good decision but another factor that you can keep in mind is your face shape.

Nose Pins for Your Face Type

Buying a nose pin that suits your face shape is especially important since this piece of jewellery would be on you for a few weeks if not months. The safest kind of nose pins that you can go with is a simple gold or silver stud. You can put it on no matter what your face shape is since it’s very versatile and is guaranteed to look good.

If you are someone who has a broader nose shape then a baali nose pin would be the best suited for you, especially for special occasions. Since baalis may be heavy for some, it is advised that you put them on for fun events only, and to accentuate the look further, remember to pair it with traditional clothes like a silk saree to live your Bollywood dreams.

If you have a striking face shape that is symmetrical then you might want to get a septum nose ring. This can be out of your comfort zone but can look mesmerising when suited to your face shape. It looks especially good on round faces for an even look.

A septum nose pin can feel overwhelming and bold but once you start wearing your nose pin, we guarantee that you would fall in love with it more and more. If you are unsure about which nose pins to get, or whether you want to get one at all, you can start trying on fake nose pins.

This would give you an idea of how you would look with different designs of nose pins and can help you in making a firm decision.

Get the Best Styles of Nose Pins Online

All of us have heard of a nose pin piercing gone wrong, this could be because your nose pin may be of low quality, or a fake metal that can take a toll on the healing process and lead to infection that can last for a long time. We are assuming that you would want to avoid this, and in order to do so, the nose pin that you get should be from a place that has been trusted for many years, making it a credible choice.

The best place to shop for nose pins would be any credible jeweller that you trust. However, a problem that many women face with their traditional jewellers is a lack of choice in designs of the jewellery pieces. Giving you the best of both worlds, is Mia by Tanishq.

It has been a well-reputed jewellery store for many years, and the Mia collection has many unique nose pin designs that have been perfectly crafted for the women of today. This would ensure that you find a nose pin design you love at the best possible price.

It’s time to add an aesthetic nose pin to revamp your personal style with Mia today!

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Image Source: Mia by Tanishq

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