Quran Memorization Techniques

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Quran Memorization Techniques

When you memorize the Quran, the first thing you need is to get a Quran teacher or to attend Quran lessons online where you can memorize the Quran, and now the reason for this is that we noticed that memorizing the Quran or reciting the Quran, they overlapped each other and sometimes it is easy Mis-pronounce some sounds and letters when you learn to memorize the Quran, because you only focus on repeating what you hear, so having a teacher there will really help and support you, because when you make mistakes, you will be able to correct you and because at the same time, our online Quran teachers So for years they have memorized the entire Quran. They will give you tips that will help you improve the Quran memorization as well.

The second thing about having an online Quran teacher is that it will help make you accountable.

We all know that there have been times in our lives and we tried to memorize the Quran before but because we were doing it on our own and nobody held us accountable. For example, we said that we would read the Quran at that specific time or that we would set a certain time of our day to learn the Quran and then get busy with it. Holy Quran online with the intonation program for the experiment, if your class is at five o’clock in the afternoon Sunday or whatever, at any time, you know that at that time should appear and if not, the Quran teacher online will ask you where you are? So it helps you make you responsible. It’s kind of keeping you on track while memorizing the Quran as well.

Also in some cases, we give you the opportunity to get other people (Quran students) who support you in the classroom as well so that you can do it with other than your study time, so you don’t feel it alone on the trip. So you can join the Quran class that will help a lot inshallah.

How to save new lessons / homework:

Memorizing the Quran is all about repetition, repetition, and repetition, according to psychology when it comes to memory, the only way to unify memory is by:

Number one repeat

Number two integrated through the association

So, the repetition method goes this way, starting from the first verse / the first verse and saying that you are 10 to 30 times if not more, you will hear some people recommend you repeat it more. So let us say that you repeat the first verse of Surat Fatiha 10 to 30 times, until you feel that you kind of have gathered them together, then go to the second verse of the Quran and say that 10 to 30 again go back to the first verse / verse and read it again and then go back to The second verse you read once and then go to the third verse / verse that you read again 10 to 30 times, so you add it every time you go on, I hope this makes sense because repetition is the best way to memorize anything.

The second part of integrating information is through pairing that helps you memorize the Quran online, now the association comes through understanding and if you understand what you are saying, it is easier for you to learn and memorize the Quran with Tajweed, because obviously, you will get a story while accumulating, So let’s take Sarah Yusuf for example, you start reading Surah Yusuf and then you read about the part where the Prophet Yusuf tells his father that he has a dream and there suddenly he fell on a verse where he is in prison, if you know what these verses say, it will be like this, ” Wait no I’m not here, I was reading another part “This is the wrong field, because you learned the sequence Dath and I understood what you say.


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