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Qualifications required to become an ethical hacker

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Ethical hacking is a process that involves finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in a system without malicious intent. With the help of software, tools, and specialized websites, ethical hackers may hack into target systems to test their security systems. Ethical hackers can be employed by different organizations like IT Consulting, Government, Law Enforcement agencies, etc.

The term “ethical hacking” is used to refer to methods of computer penetration testing without the knowledge of the system owner. It also refers to hacking as a way to find weaknesses in systems and fix them before they become real threats.

Ethical hackers are highly trained IT professionals with a solid drive to solve issues and protect network systems from nasty hackers. Learn how to become an ethical hacker by taking a cyber security tutorial and mastering the techniques to help you develop your skills and prevent other hackers.

Continue reading to learn how to become an ethical hacker by 2022. You’ll discover the technical skills, job descriptions, and educational qualifications you’ll need to get started in an ethical hacking career here.

Ethical hackers are security analysts who use legal hacking to examine security mechanisms on operating systems and networks. Ethical hacking protects an organization’s information security systems from criminal hacking. These hackers are referred to as white hat hackers in contrast to hostile black hat hackers.

Almost every software firm follows this strategy to protect itself from genuine hackers with harmful intent. However, well-known software businesses frequently engage hackers to get into their systems/servers and uncover vulnerabilities and weak endpoints so that they can correct them.

Ethical hackers uncover security flaws and report them to the network’s owners, offering ways to defend the network. To put it another way, ethical hackers attempt to access networks, identify security system weaknesses, and remedy them before a criminal can exploit them.

A software program needs a lot of expertise and knowledge of many programming languages, which can be achieved and mastered through a formal qualification.

After you’ve figured out what an ethical hacker is and how to tell the difference between White Hat and Black Hat hackers, it’s time to look at the training and qualifications they’ll need to pursue a career in cyber security.

What Certifications and Training Do Ethical Hackers Need?

  • A Bachelor’s degree (BSc, BTech, BE, BCA) in Information Technology or Computer Science is required to become an ethical hacker.
  • Candidates with a master’s degree in network security or a related technology can pursue ethical hacking as a profession.
  • A certification from a reputable institute will help you get hired by some of the biggest brands in the IT industry.

However, before applying for ethical hacking courses, all candidates must have the following technical skills.

  • The applicant must have substantial expertise in network security and a functional understanding of many operating systems. The areas of expertise include Microsoft and Linux servers, Cisco network switches, virtualization, Citrix, and Microsoft Exchange. Furthermore, a thorough understanding of the latest penetration software is required.
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • C++
  • SQL

Top Reasons To Become An Ethical Hacker

In 2022, there are several reasons to become an ethical hacker. First, this might be a lucrative and challenging profession if you’re interested in cyber security. The ethical hacking field offers multiple benefits and is a diverse role. More advantages of ethical hacking jobs may be seen below.

  1. Career Prospects: Due to a rise in cybercrime and penetration into large firms’ computer systems, many companies are hiring ethical hackers to defend their network security from potential threats. As a result, ethical hacking as a career option is a sure bet in the next few years. A novice ethical hacker can currently expect to earn Rs. 6 lakh per year. Candidates with better academic degrees and professional experience, on the other hand, can earn up to much more depending on the position.
  2. Job Opportunities in Various Industries: As an ethical hacker, you can undertake security evaluations on a database management system or an open-source operating system. Future threats concern numerous areas, including technology, data, business, and healthcare.
  3. Challenging Work: New ethical hacking tools and security approaches are continually being developed in the ethical hacking field. This creates a demanding work environment where you must constantly improve your cyber security abilities.

How Can Ethical Hackers Benefit Organizations?

Ethical hackers protect a company’s networks, databases, and software systems. There are several more responsibilities for this position, all of which are fraught with danger due to the sensitivity of some information. Apart from protecting a company’s software, there are other advantages to a company.

1. Provides Security Upgrade

Ethical hackers also develop new and more effective security monitoring techniques and recommend system security enhancements to safeguard sensitive data from future intrusions. New technology is constantly being created, and ethical hackers must renew their security clearances to compete in the employment market.

2. Updated Industry Trends:

Ethical hackers are required to keep up with technological advancements. This necessitates them to stay updated on hacking news and research new black hat hacker tools and strategies. For this reason, having a professional network in the cyber security field is critical. Therefore, hackers are well aware of the vital characteristics required by the industry.

3. Assesses Vulnerability

Ethical hackers undertake system vulnerability evaluations and aggressive audits on legitimate company networks and information systems. They do this to provide a complete examination of potential cyber system flaws and to prevent service disruptions. This is the most crucial aspect of an ethical hacker’s job.

How To Become An Ethical Hacker?

Aspiring professionals can apply for vacancies in various commercial and non-commercial organizations dealing in Computer system security design and related services industry, Internet service providers, and associated services firms after completing their graduation/certification and gaining knowledge of Information security and system administration.


An ethical hacker isn’t your usual hoodie-wearing teen hacking out of his parents’ basement who switched to a white hat. Instead, he is usually a well-educated, experienced, competent, and articulate professional committed to making the world a safer place to live and work. An ethical hacker’s goal is to find vulnerabilities in his employer’s system. So, what better way to tackle black-hat hacking than with an army of white-hat hackers?

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