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Pest control And Its Contribution To Sustainability In The Food Sector

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Food is essential to the survival of all creatures on the planet. The problem is that food supplies are scarce and many people in the world still go hungry every day. Although it was planned to achieve zero hunger by 2030 it doesn’t seem likely that this target will be met.

That’s why we need to do everything possible to help create sustainability in food. You may be surprised to discover that pest control has an important part to play in this. It’s time to give your Orlando exterminator a call or reach out to the exterminator in Northern VA.

What Is Food Sustainability?

Food sustainability means creating enough food on the planet to feed everyone on the planet. It also means food that is produced without pesticides and other chemicals that can be harmful to human health and the planet.

In other words, ensuring that there is enough food for everyone without harming the planet in the process. This type of food production can be continued indefinitely. It should be noted that most sustainable food systems focus on consuming more plant-based foods.

How Pest Control Helps

Moving toward plant-based food means that more needs to be grown and there is a greater risk of damage to the crops by pests and natural disasters. Scientists are working on ways t protect crops from natural disasters and ensure the continual production of these essential food sources.

But, an estimated 14% of crops are lost every year to pests. That’s a significant amount of food and something that the pest control industry can help with.

Alongside developing new techniques to eliminate pests from cops without hazardous chemicals, pest control firms can reduce the number of pests in your home. When you call them to help you eliminate the issue at home you are helping to reduce the number of pests in the world and reset the balance of the planet. This will help to keep pests away from the food being grown, increasing the likelihood of sustainability in the food industry and our ability to reach zero hunger.

Pest control companies can also help by evaluating products more thoroughly. This means looking at the effect each chemical has on the environment during its production process, while it is used, and after its use. By evaluating its true impact it is easier to discover which compounds need to be stopped and which have the potential to help control pests, reducing food waste, and helping to create food sustainability across the globe.

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Decreasing Waste

Of course, you can also help to boost food sustainability by thinking more about the foods you buy and how you use them. Cutting down or eliminating food waste is a relatively easy step that all households can take. But the compound effect is huge as the existing food supply can go so much further.

Pest control companies can help to improve food sustainability but the real truth is that everyone should be doing their bit.

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