Personalized Gifts – Detailed Guide To Buy The Best Gift

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If you want to show your love or appreciation or express gratitude to someone close then there is nothing like a personalized gift.

Adding a personal touch to the gift by way of monogramming, or adding the person’s name, initials, picture or a message, shows the efforts and time that you have put in to make the person feel special. Personalization of gift is a classic as well as a trendy idea. It makes a gift seem more thoughtful and planned. Here are a few tips which will help you buy the best personalized gift for your loved one.

Add a story

Your personalized gift should make your loved one feel that the gift is made exclusively for him/her and the best way to achieve this is by adding a story to the gift. You can add pictures or messages which remind the person of the time you spent together or pictures of happy times, holidays, etc. You can find some great personalized gift ideas on the net. Spend some time browsing sites selling gifts and you may end up with a truly amazing gift for your loved one.

Be creative and unconventional

Traditional gifts are too stereotypical and common. They tend to become boring and too formal. On the other hand, a personalized and unique gift would make your loved one both happy and excited.

Try to break away from the conventional by considering what your loved one will admire. Try and gift something which carries his/her favourite colours, personal style, or something which they would like to possess. You can even buy something related to their hobby.

Choose the colours used in the message wisely. You can make the message colourful or go tone-on-tone for a chic look.
Laser etching and wood engraving are quite popular nowadays and you can use these to engrave names, initials, messages or even pictures.

Baby’s first portrait or your holiday pictures can be used to create images on anything from diary to phone cases and coffee mugs.

Spend time planning

You may have to take out some extra time to gift your loved one something which is both unique and personalized. Receiving your ordered item can take a couple of extra days as the shop/company has to customize the item as per your order. If the gift is meant for festivals, then you need to be all the more careful as companies go into overdrive filling all their orders during the festive season.

Allowing for some extra time before a big occasion will ensure that the personalization process is not rushed, and you get a good quality item.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to getting personalized gifts in India. Apart from the numerous stores in every nook and corner of the country, there are hundreds of online stores dealing in personalised gifts.

Buying a personalized gift can be challenging. But the above tips will not only make your final purchasing decision easier but also your shopping a pleasurable experience.


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